Why Every Brisbane Home and Office Needs a Defibrillator

Why Every Brisbane Home and Office Needs a Defibrillator

Brisbane is a bustling city filled with active, healthy people. Yet each year, over 3,000 Queenslanders suffer sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), an abrupt loss of heart function. Having a lifesaving defibrillator on hand can mean the difference between life and death when SCA strikes at home or in the workplace. This guide explains why all Brisbane residences and businesses should invest in an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). The Brisbane emergency health authorities also recommend it.

The Threat of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

SCA occurs when the heart unexpectedly stops beating due to an electrical disturbance. Such cardiac arrest response cuts off blood and oxygen to the brain, causing the victim to collapse, control breathing, and lose consciousness. SCA results in death within minutes if the heart rhythm is not restored through cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation. You can do your research online and learn more about CPR and defibrillator functionality.

SCA can happen to those with underlying heart conditions as well as seemingly healthy adults and children due to factors like sports injuries, electrocution, or undetected heart defects. With over 30% of SCA cases occurring at home and over 50% taking place at work or play, having such life-saving equipment readily available is crucial.

Defibrillators Save Lives by Restarting the Heart

An automated external defibrillator is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, device that can automatically diagnose life-threatening heart rhythm disturbances associated with SCA. It delivers an electric shock that stops the abnormal heart rhythm and allows the heart’s natural pacemaker cells to restore a normal rhythm. Receiving defibrillation within 3-5 minutes of collapse can produce survival rates as high as 70%.

Having an AED in every Brisbane home and workplace ensures this lifesaving shock can be delivered as soon as possible, wherever cardiac arrest strikes. You should also have proper defibrillator training for it. This will help you to ensure Brisbane’s heart safety.

CPR Alone Is Not Enough

Performing chest compressions and rescue breaths (CPR) helps pump oxygenated blood to vital organs until defibrillation can be administered. However, CPR alone cannot restore normal heart rhythms. Defibrillation is required to halt the underlying electrical disturbance and allow the heart to start pumping again.

By combining AED defibrillation with CPR as soon as possible, SCA victims have vastly improved chances of surviving and avoiding permanent organ damage due to oxygen deprivation. Every Brisbane office and household should be equipped with an AED to pair with CPR skills. This is something you should consider during office health preparedness.

AEDs Are Safe, User-Friendly Devices

Modern defibrillators are extremely easy and safe for anyone to operate. Built-in technology analyzes the heart rhythm and will only deliver a shock when medically warranted, unlike defibrillators on TV. Clear voice commands provide step-by-step guidance on applying electrode pads, performing CPR, and standing clear when analyzing heart rhythm and delivering a shock. This is why you can use them as home medical equipment.

The devices detect if someone is still touching the victim and won’t shock in that case. AEDs are designed for use by untrained bystanders and even provide English and multi-language options. Having AEDs on-site does not require any specialized medical knowledge. You can easily ensure heart attack prevention and tighten workplace safety in Brisbane with it.

AED Require Minimal Maintenance

Among defibrillator benefits, the ability to use them with little maintenance holds a prominent place. The electrode pads and battery generally only need replacement every 5 years or longer. Modern AEDs run self-tests as often as daily to ensure operational readiness. Any issues with the pads, battery, or device integrity will be indicated by warning lights/messages. Purchasing an AED is an easy, set-it-and-forget-it way to be prepared for a cardiac emergency. This is why the number of AED locations in Brisbane is increasing with time.

AEDs Can Be Placed Almost Anywhere

Compact and lightweight AEDs can be conveniently mounted on walls or signposts, so they are accessible wherever cardiac arrest occurs. For homes, they can be placed on main living level walls like kitchens, hallways, or living rooms. Along with installing these devices for regular heart rhythm disturbances, it is also essential to enhance heart health awareness.

Businesses should aim to have an AED available within a 1-2 minute brisk walk from anywhere onsite. This allows the devices to be retrieved quickly in an emergency. Having readily accessible AEDs on both floors of multi-level homes and buildings is ideal. Be sure to check signage so people know where to access the nearest AED when needed.

Complete Emergency Preparedness

Adding AED devices rounds out a comprehensive emergency plan for Brisbane homes and workplaces. Employers have a duty of care obligation to safeguard staff health just as homeowners want to protect their families. Prepare by getting first aid training, stocking a kit with gloves, masks, gauze, etc., and installing fire alarms and extinguishers. An AED is the crucial next step to prepare for one of the most time-sensitive, life-threatening emergencies. Combined with rescue skills, it gives Brisbane properties true 24/7 emergency response capability.

Give Loved Ones Peace of Mind

For family members worried about older relatives with heart conditions or businesses concerned over potential worker incidents, keeping an AED onsite can provide great peace of mind. Should the worst happen, they can take comfort in knowing there is an effective emergency safety net in place. For households with children, teens, or young adults participating in sports, having an AED nearby could save their lives in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Easy access to AEDs allows Brisbane families and organizations to rest assured they can take swift lifesaving action.

If you look forward to purchasing defibrillators in Brisbane, you can visit Priority First Aid. They offer the best defibrillators, which can help you with saving lives at home or work. You can use them for all Brisbane heart emergencies without doubting your mind.

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