Why Dogecoin Whales Are Transferring Millions? Arweave and Borroe Finance Are Getting Investor Traction

Massive Dogecoin Trade Ahead of Moon Mission

Recent multiple transfers of the meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE), between whales and crypto exchanges might have caused adverse price action in the charts, while altcoins, Arweave (AR) and Borroe Finance ($ROE), keep getting investor traction.


DOGE to the Moon?

Data from the whale transaction tracker, Whale Alerts, revealed multiple transfers of Dogecoins from unknown whales to crypto exchanges and a reverse transaction from an exchange to a private wallet. According to analysts, the whale transfers, which amounted to 1.88 billion DOGE tokens, might be due to the approaching DOGE-1 space mission to take Dogecoin to the moon.

The data revealed that the first transfer was 56.9 million DOGE to Coinbase, worth $5.079. Next were two transfers of 82 million DOGE and 102 million DOGE tokens to Robinhood, worth $6.74 and $8.4 million, respectively. Then, a reverse transaction of 151 million DOGE tokens from Robinhood to a private wallet followed. This transaction was worth $12.4 million.

The DOGE token is widely recognized for its price fluctuations caused by memetic market sentiments pushed by the known Elon Musk influence. The launch of the DOGE-1 satellite mission was first announced by Elon Musk on X, formerly Twitter, on May 9, 2021, and NTIA and FCC have approved it with plans to pay for the mission in Doge and get DOGE to be the first crypto in space and first meme in space.

Investors expect the mission to cause a price surge in DOGE, but the whale transactions have caused uncertainty among those who HODL the token, as evidenced in the coin’s price. As of this writing, DOGE sold for $0.8111 and was down 10.4% on its 14-day price chart and up 0.9% on its 7-day chart.

Arweave Traction

Arweave is a permanent and decentralized web in an open ledger. It is a community-driven governance ecosystem that offers data storage for files on a distributed network. The Arweave blockchain employs its unique blockchain architecture, called the blockweave, and secures the network via the Proof-of-Access consensus mechanism.

As a utility and governance token, the AR coin runs the Arweave network that aims to immortalize online data. Users who wish to store data on the network need AR to pay for distributed data storage, and the computers that store the data accept payment on AR tokens. 

The maximum supply of AR is 66 million, and 55 million of those were minted at the mainnet launch, with the remaining 11 million set to be rewarded to miners. Recent price action by AR has revealed possible investor traction. As of this writing, AR sold for $10.20, up 1.7%, 5.0%, 26.2%, 5.4%, 3.0%, and 18.6% on its 1-hour, 24-hour, 7-day, 14-day, 30-day, and 1-year charts. Respectively.

As with AR, recent progress of $ROE shows signs of investor traction.

$ROE Investors Increase

The recent speed of the ongoing presale of $ROE, the AI-powered Borroe Finance deflationary token, might result from investor interest. Proven by analysts to be above the many hype-driven coin offerings, the Borroe Finance presale is currently in its fourth stage, selling for $0.019.

Typical of many viral token launches, the ICO has garnered the attention of many investors and observers. This is mainly due to its project use case and team makeup, including Michael Price and Maxim Prischchepo.

The Borroe Finance project is set to change how Web3 creators raise and access funds through its instant funding model, which allows Web3 businesses to mint NFTs that represent their future recurring income streams. These non-fungible tokens would then be sold at a discount on the Borroe Finance marketplace, leading to an upfront cash flow for the business. Being AI-powered, the Borroe Finance ecosystem is AI risk-assessed and managed, protecting both the Web3 businesses and the investors.

Having reached over 80% of the present stage in less than 48 hours, information about the project hitting the next stage of its presale and going for $0.02 will soon be in the crypto news.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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