Why Does the Future Community Need Welups Blockchain?

Welups is a unique Identity Blockchain platform that has its own native coin WELUPS which is listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. It has also been listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges such as Lbank, and The coin will soon be listed on Latoken, Digifinex, Indoex, Hoo and other exchanges as well.

Many crypto enthusiasts might wonder ‘why does the future community need Welups Blockchain?’ Let us discuss in detail.

  • Welups Identity Blockchain Reduce Risks of Scams

At the top of the list for why future communities need Welups Blockchain is the fact that it is safe. Welups offers identity to each and every individual, thereby offering security to the users who access social media or other platforms, via their Identity Blockchain technology. This leads to avoiding the risk of scams and hacks in all the industries.

  • Welups Inherits Two Technologies

Built upon the two core technologies of this age Blockchain and Identity, a strong foundation that comes with multiple opportunities for coin holders and investors.

Blockchain technology is one of the trending technologies, as it increases trust, security, transparency, and the traceability of information shared across a business network. In addition, identity plays an important role for individuals in empowering them to exercise their rights and responsibilities fairly and equitably in a modern society.

  • Complete compatibility with both TRC-20 and ERC-20

Although issued under the WRC-20 network, Welups has full compatibility with Tron, Ethereum, BSC and many other blockchain networks.

Investors can maximize their profits because Welups can be used across all ecosystems upon investment, including Welups Blockchain and NFTs platforms. This feature increases the stretch of functionality for Welups to be applied in smart contracts.

With compatibility for networks, developers are able to move smart contracts based on the Ethereum network to the Tron network effectively and efficiently.

  • Natively supports DEXs and DeFi platforms

Welups Blockchain natively supports Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms. Decentralization means that no single organization can be considered as a target for security attacks like hacking.

As regards DEX, Welups investors do not need an intermediate for any kind of transactions, instead DEX platforms rely on self-executing smart contracts to facilitate trading. As regards DeFi, Welups users can capitalize on low rates for their transactions. They also enjoy high interest rates as well as the opportunity for investment diversification.

Notably, some of the projects on Welups blockchain includes Vugo, Moongle, IDshare, Dr.nee, and many more.

Future of Welups

Welups offers investors important elements in the crypto space. Among them include transparency, opportunity for growth, financial security, and the opportunity for open liquidity all in one place. This ensures that WELUPS coin holders have many ways of using the coin to benefit themselves.

As the main crypto offered under the Welups blockchain network, Welups serves among the most critical elements for the Omanee infrastructure. The positive performance of the coin in 2021 has earned it a place in the limelight this year.

The crypto has been making notable progress as can be seen in their increased earnings. From Welups IEO that went live in June last year, the coin has achieved significant price increases since. Added to this, as new investors begin investing on Welups, they have a chance to make good returns in future.

Furthermore, the Welups foundation has planned to introduce the ‘Outside the Block (OTB)’ Quarterly Blockchain and Fintech conference.

The upcoming OTB conference place and date are:

  • March 31st in Dubai – UAE;

  • June 30th in Seoul – Korea;

  • September 30th in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia;

  • November 30th in Dubai – UAE.

Evenmore, OTB powers the tech visions and knowledge from various Fintech Experts/Blockchain Enthusiasts. The conference is powered by Welups foundation and one of its strategic partners is Omanee Corporation.

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