Why Does Electric Bike Do a Better Job Than Traditional Bikes?

Electric Bike

Cycling is the most energy-efficient mode of commuting. If you desire to travel faster and more efficiently, you should use an electric bike. These bikes provide the benefits of more excellent operating range, more comfort, and reduced sweats during the summer.

Although both traditional and electric bikes may have the same body frame, brakes, and wheels, they are pretty different. One difference between these bikes is the electrical drive system which an electric bicycle has components like the electric motor, display screen, and battery.

Moreover, electric bicycles have advanced features, like the half twist throttle, Integrated Taillight, and Shimano 7-speed, just like in Himiway bikes. Thanks to technological improvements, they have now been recognized as a dependable form of transportation. Thus, electric bicycles improve riders’ cycling performance and are suitable for all road surfaces.

If you are still wondering whether to get an electric bike or want to know more about electric bikes, keep reading.

What are Electric bikes?

Electric bikes come with an electric motor that helps their riders with pedaling, making them different from traditional bikes. It has an installed rechargeable battery that provides power for the engine. These bikes make cycling more ideal for riders who don’t want to exert their physical strength.

The following are reasons why ebikes are preferable to traditional bikes;

Electric bikes are faster.

Speed is one significant advantage of an ebike over conventional bicycles. The extra power from their motors enables you to exact less effort and ride faster irrespective of your fitness level. With Himiway bikes, you can reach around 23mph in a single charge without pedaling. You can cover more distance than regular bikes, even with added cargo. However, with traditional bicycles, you have to ride for hours to go further. Also, ensure you abide by your state cycling rules and stay within the speed limit.

Ebikes give a better riding experience.

Ebikes give you a more enjoyable biking experience as you can travel further with more precision thanks to their features. You can also explore different terrains, such as mountain trails and hills. You ply these routes effortlessly without putting much strain on your joints in the throttle mode. If you want to go on long-distance journeys or vacation travel, you can go for the Himiway’s Long Range Fat tire Cruiser Electric Bike.

E-bikes encourage healthy living.

It makes sense to question if riding an ebike is a form of exercise, even though a traditional bike that does not offer pedal assistance would be a better workout. Although electric bikes have pedal assist, they keep fit with less strain on your body. On an ebike, you may still burn calories and gain muscle even with pedal assistance. Some of ebike’s health benefits include improving brain function and helping maintain a healthy body weight. While riding a regular bike, you would require more effort to pedal. Most persons may use their electric bicycles more frequently to travel farther and for exploration.

Ebikes are safer to ride.

Riding a regular bike on public roads can be dangerous, especially during traffic. However, since you can regulate your speed level with an ebike, you’re always in control of your bike. Also, you will be able to keep up with traffic flow better. Also, riding in the Fall, summer, and Winter is relatively easy for electric bicycles. These bikes have various features that protect riders from different weather elements. When you try riding a traditional bike when it rains or snows, it can lead to falls and injuries. Wear protective gear to shield the rider and the tires from weather conditions as you ride around. The All-terrain fat bikes are suitable for these kinds of weather. The Himiway Cobra e mountain bike pro has the largest fat tires in the United States. With upgraded suspension features, the Cobra pro ebike would protect your balance from the back and rear of the bike.

Ebikes can carry more load.

Apart from cycling just for fun, with cargo ebikes, you can go grocery shopping. It’s not so comfortable to go around with shopping bags and a heavy load, and it’s stressful. You can install bikes in front baskets, which is perfect for carrying a medium-size load. Also, unless the fork is made explicitly for load, it is not wise to place large cargo on the front of your ebike. While others, like the Himiway Big Dog electric cargo bike, have rear racks that accommodate various baggage sizes and are suitable for lengthy rides. Consider a few things, like the weight distribution and the bike’s model, wheels, tires, and material components.

Electric bikes have LCDs.

The details on your display will depend on your electric bike system, as most systems have a certain kind of display. Moreover, since you can track your progress with LCD, you can quickly achieve your fitness goals. It shows that electric bicycles encourage a healthy lifestyle. For all Himiway bikes, you have access to all the information you require while riding due to its sophisticated LCD. It includes journey distance, pedal assist level, current speed, and battery capacity.

Ebikes are more flexible.

Fat tire e bike makes riding less strenuous and more flexible. Allowing riders to reach their destinations faster and with less exertion. During rush hour, staying in traffic for hours can be tiring, with your electric bicycle makes it possible to navigate through traffic and congested roads. Door-to-door rather than station-to-station implies you need to be adaptable, quick, and independent. This independence has profound impacts on mental health.

Ebikes motivated you to ride more.

Using e-bikes is an excellent approach to encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors. The features of an electric bike make biking much easier. If you haven’t ridden a bike in a while due to body pains caused by riding regular bikes, you will be encouraged to cycle more with fat tire ebikes. Even if you have a bad knee injury that has prevented you from riding bicycles for years, you can ride an electric bike without experiencing pain. These bikes make working out easier.


How long would it take Himiway electric bikes to charge?

It would take the Himiway’s Samsung/LG 48 17.5AH Lithium-ion batteries six to nine hours to charge fully. It would help if you used the original charger while powering the batteries. For most electric bikes, the charging time depends on the battery type and Size.

What’s the lifespan of an electric bike?

Electric bikes can last for about ten years on average. The life span depends on the model and usage. Thus, the number of years may either be lower or greater even with proper care. Specific components like chains and motors will eventually need replacement.

Do electric bikes weigh more than regular bikes?

Ebikes have motors and batteries, making them heavier than regular bikes. These bikes are also likely to be built more robustly and with more substantial components. Although, with technology evolving swiftly, ebikes are getting lighter, just like Himiway bikes.


Electric bicycles make cycling more accessible to riders than ordinary bicycles by eliminating the physical obstacles that regular bicycles present. Thus, with an electric bike, long-distance travel or commuting will be more convenient. Several factors make ebikes more preferred to conventional bicycles, like those listed above. Since you know the benefits of ebikes over traditional bikes, get one today by checking Himiway bikes.

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