Why do You Need A Carriage House In Your Home?

Carriage House

Carriage homes are usually associated with the beautiful homes commonly seen in the backyards of modern homes. However, carriage house have gone by many names over the years; they have also been referred to as second units, coach houses, or guest cottages.

Regardless of what you call it, what is essential is that it can add a lot of value and space to your home. Some homeowners often question if they need a carriage house in their home or not. Carriage homes add a touch of elegance and provide better peace of mind to any place. Here’s why every home needs to have a carriage home:

  1. Perfect Mix of Comfort and Functionality

As mentioned earlier, there are many names that coach houses go by. Coach houses are characterized by having a double purpose. They often serve as multi-functional family spaces that can function as a lower level of a home in the city and a cottage in the countryside.

Residential homes often have difficulties with space. If you live in an apartment or condo, you probably share your space with a family member or tenant. Having another place to retreat is always great for those who like a little privacy while at home.

  1. Profitable Means of Investment

Although some people buy carriage homes because they love their feel and want to live in one, others buy them for investment purposes. Since carriage homes often go for over $100000 in most areas, this is a great way to make extra money from your home; just like any other real estate investment! You can see the carriage house plans at My ADU website and build your own space.

  1. Perfect Extension to Your Living Space

Carriage homes are great because they provide an extension of your living space without taking up too much ground space on your property. In addition, you can get as creative with them as you want. You can make them into anything from guesthouses to playrooms and offices.

These homes offer great solutions for families who have outgrown their current space but can’t afford another home yet. You can also rent out the carriage house to make some easy money for financial support.

  1. They Provide a Place For Children to Play

Carriage homes are great because they provide a place for children to play. They tend to have open spaces, which kids appreciate. You can put swings and hammocks in your carriage home so your kids can take shelter from the summer heat while playing. Also, since carriage homes often have small rooms, they are perfect as small bedrooms for your little ones.


It is common knowledge that all homes are worth more the moment a family moves into them and holds the property on them. Since carriage homes were designed to emulate the horse-drawn carriages from the 17th and 18th centuries, they are commonly referred to as having an old-world charm. This ‘old world charm’ usually appeals to every type of homebuyer.

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