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Why Do Small Businesses Need A Modern Communication Solution?

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The digital age has brought a number of improvements to the business landscape. The seamless nature of communication is a perfect example. What once required a direct phone connection can be done via email or instant message. This communication form’s convenience for all parties involved cannot be understated. Emails can allow recipients and senders to review previous conversations to update themselves on what has transpired. Client project managers can keep a client in the loop in a way that is automated with some systems. Below are the reasons that small businesses need a modern communication solution.

Communication Among The Staff

Communication among staff is going to be very important with instant messaging. Not all questions require an email as some can be a quick response as it might not need an immediate answer. The ability to call another department is very important even if the call needs to be placed overseas. Communication should be kept to as few modes of communication as possible when discussing important details. Mistakes cannot be made with specific clients that could sign a contract for multiple years. A business phone system needs to be invested in as some clients feel far more comfortable calling into an extension of their client manager. 

Remote Workers Need To Stay In The Loop

Remote jobs have risen due to the pandemic shedding light on how productivity in certain department actually increases. A large percentage of businesses and the federal government saw employee productivity increase overall. The fear that employees would no longer handle their fair share of work dissipated after months and eventually years went by. Retaining great employees is possible with remote work but staying in communication is imperative. Working specific hours is important for certain job roles while others simply require deadlines to be hit. 

Project Management Software

Project management software can be the perfect location to consolidate client and internal communication. There are ways to prioritize work for staff that can make it clear without having to check what is the most important task for the day. Areas can be blocked for clients for internal communication on a client which can be used to get ready for meetings. Links to various documents that cover the last few client meetings is imperative along with the agendas to cover in the meeting. 

Emails Recapping Meetings That Might Have Been MIssed 

Missed meetings can account for so many mistakes that are made. You do not want staff relying on others recounting what went on in a meeting. A company should have a person there to take notes about each meeting so it can be reviewed at a later time. Sending email recaps to staff along with clients can be so important. Any points that could have been misconstrued can be clarified in these emails. Additional documentation discussed in a meeting can also be attached to the email. The beauty of this is that employees can be moved onto a project with all of the information that is needed. A current employee can help them transition but the employee can refer back to any previous meetings to see what has changed over the course of time. 


Communication will always be a vital aspect of business success within an organization. Communication also needs to be stressed between the business and its clients. Informed clients that feel like they are in the loop no longer worry about a project as they might be getting automated updates daily/weekly. The digital age has come with a number of benefits due to innovations with modern communication solutions being one of the most important. 

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