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Why do people use fake names on social media

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Social media is almost mandatory these days, a lot of people would say. If you want to be  integrated in the society, you will need to make sure you have an account created on  platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn (which by the way is a professional platform  where you can learn a lot of things), TikTok or other similar platforms. These platforms have  different finalities, such as communication role, images sharing in a personal purpose, but  they can also be created and used as pages for professionals, to promote themselves as  companies and to sell their products. More and more companies are doing that by using  social media to increase their visibility and to reach faster and easier to their possible clients.  Using social media for your good is a great idea, but make sure that if you are an individual or  a professional, you will use social media and you will not be used by it. So it is your  responsibility to check to benefits and disadvantages and use it for becoming better in what  you do.  

How to keep your personal information safe on social media  

But in all this they will need to keep their personal data safe and not get to much exposure, so that  they do not encounter unpleasant situations. One of the options they have, and they are using often,  is to create social media accounts with fake names or better said with some fictional names, in order  to have their privacy kept. If the social media users are choosing this option just in order to have  their personal information secure, then that seems alright. We can suggest you a very easy and  effective tool you can use if you want to quickly find a fake name to use for your social media  account. Random Name Generator is one tool especially created in order to help you to find names  that you can choose from in just a few moments by accessing this platform. After using it, many  people have noticed that they do not lose time anymore with brainstormings ok how to find the  perfect name for Social media, one that could fit their personality and their needs. This tool can be  used in many other situations such as the birth of new born babies, when parents struggle with  finding the perfect name. Or it may be also used for writers that are looking for perfect names for  their characters.  

Negative ways of using fake names on social media  

But there are also some cases of fake social media names on accounts, that people are using to stalk  others or to steal someone’s identity. If you notice a case like this, make sure you let the authorities  know, so that they can do what it needs for the situation to be corrected. These cases are negative  cases of using fake names for social media accounts and we highly not recommend this.

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