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Why do people make online money transfers?

There are some people who are still wondering about modern ways of doing transactions. Obtaining such information will not be superfluous, because now almost everyone makes transfers on a regular basis, using online services that act as an intermediary and qualitatively perform the necessary service. 

Card to card transfer online is a standard method of transferring funds between individuals or legal entities. Such transfers have several names, including p2p or card2card, so these terms can also be found on different sites. Nevertheless, the characteristics and features will still be identical, but intermediaries can put forward their individual conditions, which may relate to the commission, timing, etc., so it is better to familiarize yourself with them in advance. 

How does the procedure for sending money through an online intermediary work?

Sending money is easier than it looks. The more difficult part is finding the right platform. For example, a popular one is Profee, which has received numerous reviews on its  work, so they inspire the trust of many users. 

For beginners, let’s describe the steps that are usually followed to make a transaction on the Internet:

  1. After choosing the most suitable intermediary, go to the site and register. Specify all the required information without errors. 
  2. See if the desired country is on the list if it is an international transfer. If you are going to make transfers of large sums, then choose the appropriate rate, which may require additional documents, so they will also need to be prepared and provided. 
  3. Before making a transfer, you can use a calculator to see how much the recipient will receive, including the commission. But this function may not be available everywhere. 
  4. Specify the amount, currency, and recipient and confirm the transfer. Then you only need to wait a little while. 

All fairly simple and fast, so everyone can figure it out. 

  • It can be done via any computer with internet access, which is why it’s also known as Internet Money Transfer. You require a reliable and trusted money transfer company in order to send online transfers. Wire transfers typically take around 3-5 business days to move money between bank accounts.


Transferring online from sender to recipient is a modern method that will be relevant for a long time, so we recommend using it at least once to experience all its benefits. Practicality, profitability, and speed – these are not all the positive characteristics that a worthy online intermediary provides to its customers. If we talk about standard translations, they will be much more nuanced. 

If you don’t like going into your browser every time to transfer money to a specific recipient, there is an alternative solution. You can download an application where all the functionality and comfort are preserved. It is free and does not take up too much memory on your phone. The advantage is that the application will always be at your fingertips and you do not have to search for it on the Internet. Online transfer sites have done their best for their customers because they know how important it is for them to save their precious time.


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