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Why Do Marketing Professionals Need Digital Business Cards?

Due to the way they strengthen your networking abilities and establish your personal brand, digital business cards are all the rage in marketing. Marketing professionals love to find innovative tools that they can use to stand out from the competition. It’s no surprise then that, with the advent of digital business cards, marketing professionals around the world are showing more interest in this modern tool.

By and large, traditional business cards are being phased out in favor of their digital counterparts. After all, the immense convenience and unique capabilities of a digital business card make it an attractive option. All you have to do is use a digital business card generator to curate a terrific digital business card. One thing is clear: the marketing industry is quickly moving toward a digital future, and paper business cards are slated to become obsolete.

What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital business cards are replacing their paper predecessors in today’s business world. By 2027, the market for digital business cards is expected to reach USD 242.3 million with an 11.2% CAGR, according to Globenewswire. Also known as electronic business cards or virtual business cards, they are essentially online versions of traditional business cards.

When you access a digital business card, you’ll be taken to a landing page that contains the person’s complete professional profile, including their name, contact information, portfolio, and headshot. Digital business cards give companies a digital presence that helps them establish credibility, build relationships and generate new business opportunities

Reason 1: Expresses the Personal Brand Effectively

Digital business cards offer more room for creativity and are a great way to promote one’s personal brand.

People who work in marketing understand the value of their personal brand better than anyone else. A personal brand is essentially an asset that a person can use to access opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. While traditional business cards do contain branding elements, things go a step ahead with a digital business card. They give you a unique opportunity to express your personal brand.

More than just a company’s logo and contact details, this cutting-edge online tool can include a lot of valuable extras. You can customize it to a whole new level and include information that would otherwise have been left out. A business card can also include a short video, allowing you to connect with the viewer in a way that a traditional card never could.

Reason 2: Impresses Potential Connections

People who hand out physical business cards are considered unremarkable, while those who distribute digital business cards stand out.

When you’re in the field of marketing, you know the value of novelty way more than anyone else. Digital business cards are trendy and exciting, as opposed to traditional business cards, which are commonplace and dull. In other words, a digital business card will be able to impress far more people than a boring standard card when it comes to sharing your contact information at networking events.

A marketer knows the value of networking and always wants to be at the top of their game. Fortunately, modern tools can enable marketing professionals to impress potential connections far more quickly than ever before. After all, if you want to make an impression, you should use a cutting-edge tool like a digital business card.

Reason 3: Facilitates and Streamlines the Contact Saving Process

With a digital business card, it takes only a few clicks to save the contact details of a new business connection.

When it comes to the digital revolution, digital business cards are at the forefront. When a person scans a QR code or clicks on a link, they are directed to a Digital Business Card where they can save contact information by clicking the Save Contact button. In essence, the prospect does not have to waste time entering contact information into their devices, as is familiar with printed business cards.

From the perspective of a marketing professional, it is common sense that any opportunity to simplify the contact-saving process should be taken. A virtual business card removes the hassle and makes it easier for professionals to connect with potential connections.

Reason 4: Provides Insight Into Analytics So You Can Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

As a result of analytics, digital business cards allow you to gauge the extent and effectiveness of your card’s distribution.

You can access analytics for digital business cards showing how many people have accessed and used them. You can find the total number of digital business card scans made during a certain time period and the total number of unique scans made during that time. Through this information, you can ascertain how many potential connections you have made during specific networking events.

Analytics are essential for marketing professionals because it helps them understand how they’re doing at networking events. With the feedback of specific numbers, a person can know how to play around with the tools available to them to ensure that solid connections are made.

The Bottom Line

In the marketing industry, digital business cards have recently emerged as a game-changer for networking and developing new business opportunities. Digital business cards are fantastic because they provide information about analytics, which is crucial for marketing professionals to understand how they perform at networking events. Beyond that, they enable people to present their information in a way that suits them while offering an interactive experience. If you have never used digital business cards, it’s time to consider them as a new way of building business relationships and increasing your exposure.


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