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Why Do Businesses Buy Phones with Bad ESN/IMEI?

Buying and reselling mobile phones is a rapidly growing industry. Even brand-name manufacturers have begun to sell refurbished phones. It is well known that resellers will buy broken, old, unused smartphones, but what about those with bad ESN or IMEI? Read on to find out more.

What is ESN/IMEI?

 Like the VIN of an automobile, every cell phone has its unique serial number. IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number. A 15-digit number is used to identify a device within a network. ESN refers to the Equipment Serial Number. An 8 or 11-digit number, the ESN was previously used by Sprint and Verizon. The IMEI or ESN of a phone can be used to check if a phone has been lost or stolen.

Why are ESN/IMEIs Blacklisted or Locked?

A phone may become blacklisted or locked for multiple reasons. If a phone is reported as lost, a carrier will add the device to a blacklist, which means its service will become restricted. Additionally, if a phone is sold to another party before it has been paid off, the carrier will blacklist the phone, making it unusable to its new owner.

Can a Smartphone Reseller Buy a Blacklisted Phone?

Mobile phone resellers can and do purchase blacklisted phones. Before you sell your phone to a smartphone reseller, you may choose to have your phone unlocked or removed from the blacklist. This can be done by working directly with your mobile carrier or by paying a third party to unblock your phone. Even if you skip this step, resellers will still be interested in purchasing it.

Turn a Profit

Businesses will buy phones with bad ESN or IMEI primarily to make a profit. Even if the phone cannot be repaired or unlocked, it can still be sold for parts. Additionally, most smartphones are made using valuable raw materials that can be salvaged and sold.

 Foster Good Will

Not only does purchasing used phones benefit the business, but it also benefits everyone. Buying and selling blacklisted phones helps the environment by keeping them out of landfills. Used phones are always sold at an accessible price, allowing those who do not want to or cannot pay full price the ability to have a mobile device.

 Sell a Blacklisted Phone

It is possible to sell your blacklisted or locked smartphone. Cell phones with a bad ESN or IMEI can be restored and sold. Not only does the business make a profit reselling your old phone, but everyone benefits as it keeps old phones from being thrown away and provides a way for budget-minded consumers to purchase a phone at a lower price.

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