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Why Do Australian Businesses Need To Leverage Local SEO Power?

Local SEO is a component of search engine optimization [SEO] strategy. It concentrates on optimizing your online business to get top ranking in local searches. Google study reveals that local businesses gain the highest clicks from Google My Business listing. So, if you desire to target your local Australian audience then leverage local SEO power and boost your search visibility and ranking. 

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Reasons to leverage local SEO for online business

Capability to use local keywords

According to a survey, local searches on Google are estimated to be approximately 46%. If you reside in Melbourne and are in need to buy a gift quickly [you forgot your loved one’s B-day] then the fastest way of getting to a nearby store is to Google – ‘Gift stores near me or best watch store in Melbourne’. 

Drives sales

Active shoppers are likely to find your business and visit your physical store. It is surveyed that more than 87% of seekers look for local businesses on their smartphone and call or physically visit the store within a day. On weekends, people always look for local restaurants nearby to reserve a table. 

Attract local customers

Divesting your online marketing campaign from an unclear target market aimlessly is a waste of time and money. It is wise to go for local SEO to leverage its benefits. 

For example, if you have a little coffee shop near Park Regis Downtown, Sydney then the chances to get customers from Melbourne are impossible. Your coffee shop in Park Regis Downtown is better off serving the local customers rather than targeting aimlessly other parts of your city. 

Make business visible

80% of Aussies have a smartphone, so there is a rise in local searches via mobile devices. So, your Australian business must gain top ranking and exposure for relevant local searches. It offers you a competitive edge. 

Experts reveal that more than 45% of seekers click on the first 3 results on SERPs. This highlights the importance to rank on top of local search results. 


In comparison to digital marketing strategies like Adwords, PPC, etc. local SEO is a cost-effective way to reach the target audience. You need to strengthen your online presence using the right keywords on your site and GMB profile. 

Add links and citations accurately and consistently for clarity and discoverability. You need to request reviews from customers, which adds credibility and trust to your local business. Unlike paid ads, organic searches are long term and with a one-time investment, you can cost-effectively build an online presence. 

Start a small Australian business successfully and profitably with local SEO. Small business needs an edge to survive the local, intense competition. However, local SEO helps to enhance organic traffic. 


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