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Why Digital Screens Are Essential in 2024: Embrace Digital Billboards

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and you’re driving through the bustling streets of Los Angeles, where you encounter skyscrapers, palms, and traffic. While scanning the road, you spot a digital sign on the billboard that seems bright and colorful. It displays the message that meets your needs, interests, or desires. This evokes a sense of curiosity, intrigues you, or excites you. It urges you to act, following up with a visit to a website, calling a number, or going to a store.

That is the type of influence of digital billboard in Los Angeles, one of the essential and divergent cities in the world. Digital billboards are electronic displays that can showcase messages, providing more flexibility and creativity. They may also adjust depending on the time of day, weather, traffic, or the audience.

But why are digital billboards are important in 2024? Finally, how can you leverage them to expand your business and be different? Here, we explore some of the most compelling aspects and strategies of digital billboard advertising in Los Angeles.

The Facts About Billboards and Digital Billboards

Billboards are one of the oldest and most effective modes of advertising, as they can generate many impressions, recall, and engagement. According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, billboards and other OOH advertising methods are between 38% and 86% effective. These statistics indicate that billboards continue to impact consumers in 2024 significantly.

But, how do digital billboards differ from traditional billboards? And what is the advantage of digital billboards over static billboards?

  • Digital billboards are more catchy and memorable than static ones because the animation, video, and sound catch and keep the attention. Based on research by Nielsen, digital billboards have 15% higher recall rates than static billboards.
  • Digital billboards are more flexible and diverse, as they can show several messages in one place and modify them in the moment. According to the report by True Impact Media, digital billboards display up to 6 messages per minute and update them for each second.
  • Digital billboards are much more contextualized and relevant than standard billboards because they can change their messaging according to the location, time, and viewers. According to research from Blip Billboards, digital billboards can use geofencing, dayparting, and contextual triggers to provide personalized and suitable messages.
  • Digital billboards are more interactive and engaging than static ones, using Q.R. codes, social media, and mobile apps to engage and communicate with consumers. The report by HubSpot indicates that digital billboards can increase the number of clicks to a website or an online search by as much as 34% among people who view these ads.
  • Digital billboards are more budget-saving and less wasteful, as they can cut printing installation and maintenance costs and expend less energy and resources. As per the Kiddle report, digital billboards utilize power-efficient LED lights that hold up longer than conventional lights.

These facts emphasize that digital billboards possess several advantages over static ones and can deliver your messages more powerfully and efficiently.

Tips for Digital Billboard in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a significant and diverse city with over 4 million people. Millions of visitors are drawn to the city every year. It is one of the most robust and exciting markets for billboards in the advertising contest since an advertiser may face many options and difficulties.

One of the crucial things to consider when advertising  digital billboards in Los Angeles is the location. You will want to choose a place that has heavy traffic, visibility, and relevance to what your business is all about. Apart from that, you should bear in mind the distance, angle, and speed of viewers and the surrounding environment and rivals.

Some of the most popular and sought-after locations for digital billboards in Los Angeles are:

  • Freeways: Los Angeles is known for its extensive freeway system, which connects the city with the surrounding areas. Freeways are ideal for reaching a large and diverse audience, as they have high traffic volume and exposure. However, they also have high speed and low dwell time, which means you need to make your message simple and memorable.
  • Boulevards: It boasts various iconic and busy boulevards, starting from Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard and finishing with Santa Monica Boulevard. One of the good aspects of boulevard advertising is that it helps win a particular audience who can afford to buy the advertiser’s brand. This is the case because boulevard adverts have high visibility. They have the blend of a higher number of viewers with the downsides of increased competition and clutter, so you must ensure that your message is exclusive and specific.
  • Airports: Los Angeles includes not one but several major airports, for example, LAX, Burbank, and Long Beach. Airports are the best places where an intelligent message can engage a varied national and international crowd – the people with high traffic and multi-day stays. But these marketing channels have also been known for their high costs and regulations that are difficult to penetrate and where your message ought to be worth the investment.

Besides this, there are still more things to know before using digital billboard advertising in Los Angeles. You would go for a message that would reach the intended audience in a way that realizes your objectives. Moreover, it would help if you used the facilities and the features of digital billboards to improve your ad and create a compelling message that attracts the attendees’ attention. 

The best practices for creating a digital billboard message are:

  • Use a clear and catchy headline: The headline is the most crucial part of your digital billboard message because this is what will draw the viewers’ attention and interest to your ad. The headline must be clear, exciting, and targeted to your audience and offer. Use simple and direct language, eschew jargon or abbreviations, and include a call to action or a benefit statement. Likewise, you must keep your headline to 6 words or less since that is the average number of seconds a viewer will likely glance at your billboard.
  • Use a striking and relevant image: The second most essential part of the digital billboard message is your image, which will help or strengthen it. Your image must be eye-catching, pertinent, and on-brand with your values and message. You will want to use good-quality photos of high contrast and minimize the clutter. Also, you should incorporate your logo or slogan. You should also use pictures that make people feel, narrate a story, or present a problem and a solution.
  • Use a simple and consistent design: Your design is the last component of your digital billboard message and will make everything come together and leave a lasting impression. Your design must be simple, consistent, and neutral, using the principles of contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity. You need to apply colors, fonts, and logos that reflect your brand and message and set a hierarchy of information that directs the viewer’s eye. Please don’t use a lot of text, animation, or sound because they can distract or irritate the viewer.

Where to Find the Best Digital Billboard Advertising Company in Los Angeles

Bulletin Displays is the right one if you are searching for the most trustworthy and modern digital billboard ad companies in Los Angeles. Bulletin Displays is the largest locally-owned billboard company and a long beach advertising agency, with about 200 bulletin faces in our designated Market Area of Los Angeles. They have digital, static, and mobile billboard media; over 98% are on high-impact/freeway locations.

Digital billboard advertising campaigns in Los Angeles can be made through Bulletin Displays, which take care of everything, including planning, design, installation, and maintenance. They have a team of experts who will ensure you get the assistance you need for your digital billboard advertising, beginning with strategy and budget and ending with creative and analytics.

Los Angeles-based Bulletin Displays is the best pick for advertisers who want to reach a large, different LA. audience with high-quality, reasonably-priced digital billboard advertising solutions. Contact them today and see how they can assist you in this regard and help you separate yourself from the crowd.

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