Why Digital Marketers Prefer Macs Over Windows PCs

Why Digital Marketers Prefer Macs Over Windows PCs

While Windows may be the most used operating system, many will argue that Apple’s Mac OS is far superior. That is why they prefer using Macs. Digital marketers especially opt for Macs over Windows PCs, and there are quite a few reasons for that.

More Secure and Better for Privacy

Mac offers a better security system compared to Windows. That includes boot-up protection, security updates, built-in virus and malware protection, and a protected app store.

For boot-up protection, Mac utilizes its M1 or T2 security chips. When the chips detect any security breach, they will not let the Mac boot up. Instead, your Mac will enter a secure-recovery state, and try to solve the security problem at hand. The chips are also responsible for OS verification and providing encrypted storage.

Apple deploys XProtect as the built-in antivirus and malware protection tool. The tool is embedded with the OS, making it faster and more reliable. Apple also offers encrypted protection for passwords and sensitive data, and secure internet browsing via the Safari browser. 

Of course, you will hear stories about hacks and malware affecting Macbooks, iPhones, and other Apple products. That usually happens when the user deliberately allows a threat to bypass the Apple security, either by downloading a problematic file or using a virus-infected portable drive. However, as long as the user is aware of basic cyber security and privacy practices, their Macs will be free of security threats. 

More Street Cred

Apple’s design features lead to a revolution. Its focus on simplicity, minimalism, and elegance helped Apple inspire many other tech giants like Sony. 

Walking into a meeting with a Macbook in hand shows class. It tells clients that the marketers know what they are doing. It is as if the Macbooks, Macs, and other Apple products symbolize dominance. 

Apple products are not just about flaunting, however. While the brand value does kick in, your clients will admire your choice because of the products’ capabilities and technical abilities. 

Easy to Learn

It does not take much to get used to a Mac. All Apple products are easy to learn and adjust to. You can even enroll in specific Apple training programs and courses to master using the Mac and other products from Apple. The training site is easy to navigate, and the sessions are extremely helpful. Plus, you can also get additional assistance from the trainers and the platform’s support staff if you need it. 

Businesses often take these Apple training programs for their employees, especially marketers. That is because they want their marketers to adjust to not just the Mac, but to Apple’s entire ecosystem.  

Better Designing Tools and Capabilities

As Apple runs its OS on its own hardware, it gets to control user experience right from the start. This is why it manages to incorporate so many features that cater to different tools and software.

For marketers especially, the design tools in Macs offer a far better and more seamless experience. When developers build such software, they build them for the entire Apple ecosystem. The same is not possible with Microsoft. The software often fails to live up to the required hardware standards.  

Mac OS also favors better text rendering, because they render for visual appearance. Windows renders text for readability which makes the text you use there a lot sharper.

Superior Cross-Product Integration

When it comes to cross-product integration, Apple is the superior choice. Running a similar operating environment across its wide range of products allows Apple to have better cross-product compatibility than Microsoft products. 

Better cross-product integration means you can avail yourself of a variety of Apple services and programs on all its devices. So you can Airdrop images and files on your Mac to your coworkers. They can easily access those files from their Macbooks, iPhone, and iPads. Given how much marketers have to send files to one another back and forth, this is a very useful feature. While many other platforms, like Google Drive, provide such facilities, Apple’s integration is far better, given that it ensures uniformity. 

Other brands fail to ensure the same quality of integration as Apple. Microsoft would be the perfect example of this. Its Internet Explorer web browser has become a meme. Switching to Microsoft Edge as the default browser did not help their reputation much either, despite it being a decent web browser. Microsoft invests and tries its best to innovate. However, it fails to make the most of it. That is why it lacks the same vigor as Apple’s products, and cannot match up to its cross-product integration capabilities.

Thus, as a digital marketer, you are missing out on quite a lot if you are not running a Mac, and still using Windows for your work.

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