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Why did Twitter (Now “X”)

Why did Twitter (Now “X”)

Are you one of those who has the curiosity to know why Twitter changed its name and logo? In this blog post, we have shared why Twitter (Now “X”) and what things you can’t do after rebranding.

The die-heart fans of Twitter were shocked when Twitter replaced its name and blue bird logo with the X logo. Moreover, Twitter also changed its slogan, let’s talk, and it’s what’s happening to blaze your glory.

What is Twitter (Now “X”)?

X is Twitter’s redesigned identity, visualized by Elon Musk, who bought ownership of Twitter in 2022 for $44 billion as the new Everything app. The company replaced the iconic blue bird logo with a stylized X logo and replaced the previous name from its websites, apps as well as headquarters on July 2023. However, after redesigning, the tweets become posts, and the X website redirects to the Twitter website. According to Elon Musk, he wants to turn this micro blogging site into an Everything app called X, which would provide everything from social networking and broadcasting to banking and shopping.

Why did Twitter (Now “X”)?

The app has become “X” now because Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, purchased the social network as an accelerant for X the Everything app. He aims to evolve the social networking site into a super application beyond the simple messaging and tweeting app.

After the rebranding Musk announced in a tweet, The Twitter name made sense when it was just 140 characters of messages going back and forth. But now, users can share anything, including several hours of videos. However, they plan to launch banking, shopping, video messaging, and almost everything in the X app. So that’s why Twitter’s name and logo do not match the vision of the company anymore.

7 Things You Can’t Do in “X”

In July, Elon Musk called X an Everything app, but in reality, there are a lot of functions we are not able to do after rebranding.

1. You Cannot View X without logging in

After rebranding, Twitter users can’t browse the app without logging in or being a registered user. Now, if you want to explore the X app, you have no choice but to sign into an X account.

2. Quotes Tweets are no Longer within Easy Accessibility

After the transformation of Twitter, users have to take a few steps to see quote tweets. Now, users have to click on the three-dot icon and tap on view post engagements before tapping on quotes. Additionally, X is no longer informing you how many quotes tweets a post has.

3. You can’t Tweet to a Specific Group of Followers

In September, X introduced the sunsetting circles, a feature that allowed users to decide and select a specific group of followers to receive specific posts.

In other words, with Twitter circles, you could interact with specific people rather than tweeting to all of your followers. Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available to use.

4. Headlines are now removed from Links

Twitter now X has removed article headlines on links posted to the platform. After that, if someone tweets a link, it will just display an image and a little information about the domain of the website. According to Billionaire Musk, this change improves the esthetics.

5. Users Must wait longer to open links of Competitors

A recent analysis discovered that X is throttling traffic from competitors such as Facebook, Threads, Instagram, Bluesky, The New York Times, and Substack. It is not a surprising fact that the owner of X banned links from Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon and other rivals in 2022.

6. PlayStation and Xbox gamers lose Integration with Twitter (Now ”X”)

Previously, Twitter’s API was free to use, but later, Elon Musk put a charge on it. The cheapest package is around $42,000 monthly.

As an outcome, gaming platforms such as Microsoft and Sony are terminating their integrations with X. In simple words, gamers can no longer post their video game captures directly through X.

7. The Blue Tick is no longer Earned

On Twitter, the blue tick is for authenticated influential accounts and high-profile figures, but now, Elon Musk has eroded its value. Now, everyone can purchase a blue tick by subscribing to X Premium. However, the cost of a blue tick is around $16 per month.

The New Policies of Popular Platform “X”

According to the new update, X may merge public information with data collected from users to train machine learning and AI models. X, formerly known as Twitter, has now moved to collect biometric data to add an extra layer of security for accounts. However, it is unclear what type of biometric X collects, but it typically involves fingerprints, iris patterns, and facial features.

X earlier introduced a subscription verification model that needs users to submit their government-approved ID to receive a blue tick on their accounts. According to X officials, this move is meant to remove access to bots and fake accounts on their platform.

Furthermore, the company also plans to collect information from users’ employment and academic histories, employment preferences, skills and abilities, job search activity and engagement, and more. This policy aims to recommend potential jobs for users and also shows the relevant advertising regarding job interest.


  1. How many characters are allowed to post on X?

Previously, Twitter had a limit of 140 characters, but now users can share posts up to 280 characters long.

  1. Is Twitter losing its users after rebranding?

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the daily active loss of users has been approximately 13%.

Q: what is the gender split on Twitter?

On Twitter, the user’s accounts are 63% males and 37% females, which is a pretty big gap.

  1. Why did Twitter turn black?

Twitter(Now “X”) sets its default interface as a dark mode rather than a light mode. But if users want light mode, they have an option to change it from settings.

Final Words

In this blog post, we have described why Twitter (Now “X”) and the significant changes of this app after rebranding. The billionaire who bought Twitter aims to make it a super app that has everything, including audio, video messaging, banking, shopping, jobs, and so on.

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