Why Defending Against Spam Is Important for Your Business

spam protection

The amount of business emails and correspondence that any sized business receives on a daily basis is enormous as the online economy takes hold everywhere. It is thus essential to defend against spam. This article details exactly why this is essential and will go a long way to increasing the efficiencies and effectiveness of your business communication.


The first assertion to make is that it’s not canned meat of any sort. Digital junk mail and any unsolicited communications of any sort sent through an electronic messaging system or service have become known as spam. The causes can be disastrous, and as such, it is a business risk to be made aware of and informed about.

Spam causes…loss of productivity

Those in the know have come to call Spam the ROI (return on investment) killer. With the average worker receiving 13 spam messages a day, it costs around $870/employee per year in time. Simply actively dealing with spam can be a massive waste of time. As spam messages become more sophisticated and harder to identify at face value, the time it takes for employees to verify genuine messages increases while lowering productivity.

Affects your storage

Emails can take up a huge amount of space, specifically on your mobile devices. Those distributing spam messages are using more high-end visuals and images and sending vast amounts of unsolicited emails with the aim of catching any unsuspecting or off-guard reader. The theory is that sending vast quantities of messages will return some result. All they need is just one out of thousands to be successful. And it is these vast quantities of emails that are filling up in-boxes and depleting storage space.

Is a source of fraud and cybercrime

Phishing is the predominant form of spam that causes business losses and data breaches. Phishing has two main objectives. The first is to gain access to sensitive information, and the second is to install malware on the users’ devices. Phishing is so successful because it is made to seem from a trusted source, using similar language, visuals, and links to trick employees into dropping their guard and clicking on a malicious link.

Defense against this spam

One of the best ways is to ensure that your cyber security is based on the most up-to-date spam list and, as such, is able to detect and repel this spam. Furthermore, having a clear understanding of what spam is and how to defend against it is the only way to get your business in order in this regard.

Then you need the technology to be able to defend against this dark art through aggressive filtering and ensuring that you have effective policies in place.

Spam is, and it seems we will continue to be, one of the main business risks as we work entirely online. Being able to pinpoint and defend against spam is the only way to actively protect your business and save money in the process.

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