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Why CSR should be a key part of every business strategy

CSR business strategy

Businesses are paying more attention to social responsibility, whether they are advancing women’s rights, protecting the environment, or working to end poverty on a local, national, or global scale. Socially conscious companies provide more aesthetically pleasing pictures to investors and customers, which helps their bottom operations.


  • Social responsibility gives employees the ability to use the resources available to them from the company to accomplish good.
  • A company’s reputation and brand can be enhanced by being socially responsible.
  • Social responsibility initiatives may boost employee morale at work and increase output, which affects how lucrative the business can be.
  • Companies that adopt programs and practices see an increase in consumer loyalty and retention. 
  • Socially aware firms have the ability to stand out from the competition due to their improved and good brand recognition.

Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Customers Count

Businesses may attract and retain customers by adopting socially responsible practises, which is essential for their long-term success. Additionally, many customers are prepared to pay a premium for products if they are aware that a percentage of the proceeds will be used to support social causes that are significant to them.

Businesses who are committed to supporting the neighbourhood can see an increase in foot traffic. For instance, banks that lend to cheap people are likely to see an increase in business as a direct result.

Increases Inspiration of Workers

Employer involvement may be raised via social responsibility. These businesses frequently hire people who want to do more than just get paid; they want to change the world. With big businesses, there is power in numbers and combined employee efforts may produce significant outcomes, boosting workplace performance and motivation, like csr strategy.

Almost 70% of employees, according to Harvard Business School, said they would not work for a firm without a clear mission. Ninety percent of workers say they are more motivated, driven, and devoted to their employers who have a strong sense of direction, Additionally, 92 percent of employees at socially conscious businesses say they are more inclined to suggest their firm to friends and family who are seeking for work. 

According to research, employee participation directly affects a company’s performance as a whole and its bottom line: engaged workers produce 17 percent more work, are 21 percent more lucrative, and have absence rates that may be 41 percent lower.

The bottom line is that even a little investment in CSR programmes may raise employee engagement and have an effect on how lucrative the business can be.

Customers ’ loyalty and support in the community

Companies and consumers may both use social responsibility as a platform to positively influence local and international societies. Businesses that launch a corporate responsibility programme consistent with their principles stand to gain more loyal and devoted customers.

76 percent of American consumers would resist from doing so if they realised that the company supported a cause that conflicted with their own beliefs. According to study, 87 percent of Americans are more likely to buy a product from a company that supports a cause they are passionate about.

Community-focused firms typically have an edge over their rivals due to a better brand impression. For instance, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (TSLA), has been successful in attracting clients who care about the environment to his line of ecologically friendly automotive accessories and reduced electric automobiles.

Corporate Social Responsibility Examples

Coka-Cola is the biggest Enterprises 

The 5by20 project was launched by Coca-Cola in 2010 with the goal of empowering women worldwide.

The firm claimed: By giving women entrepreneurs access to financial services, assets, peer support, and business skill training through 5by20 programmes throughout the world, we enable them to overcome societal and economic constraints. Retailers, suppliers, producers, artists, and other positions along our value chain are all filled by 5by20 participants. 

Via Ltd 

Through its financial inclusion programme, Visa has developed innovative ways to transmit digital currency to areas of the globe without a financial infrastructure or for individuals without access to the financial system, such as inhabitants of many developing countries. The company claims that around half of all individuals in the world today solely use cash for transactions and reside in unorganised economies. The 2 billion people that make up this group must overcome financial challenges that make life risky, expensive, and inefficient. Micro finance fosters business opportunities, creates capable, productive people, and accelerates economic growth. Additionally, it aids in poverty relief.

What Sets the ESG and Social Responsibility Apart?

Both phrases allude to a company’s social obligations. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aid in measuring or quantifying such social initiatives, even though corporate social responsibility (CSR) holds firms accountable for their social obligations in a qualitative manner. ESG standards are used by socially responsible investors to evaluate possible investments.

What Can a Business Do to Be More Socially Responsive?

A community may be impacted by the tiniest of initiatives. Even if small businesses and startups might not have the capacity to do so, giving money or resources to charity can have a significant positive impact. Companies can get started by planning modest fundraising events, promoting volunteerism, defining a social mission and specific goals, putting staff education programmes into place, or collaborating with other companies who share the same philosophy.

What Advantages Come With Corporate Social Responsibility?

Adopting CSR enhances brand perception, attracts investment possibilities and top personnel, and affects bottom-line financials. It also promotes staff engagement and consumer retention.

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