Why CryptoAltum Offers Zero Commission and High Leverage


Cryptocurrency trading is an exciting and engaging affair. There are thousands of order types to utilize and multiple platforms to explore. Brokerage platforms can help burgeoning traders to optimize their operations and thrive in this sector. 

There wouldn’t be this many choices if they all offered the same thing. CryptoAltum that use the MT5 crypto trading software, for instance, have the edge over ones that lag. An MT5 Crypto broker offers better trade automation, diverse tools, familiarity, and superior execution times, which are crucial in cryptocurrency trading with ease. 

These features help a trader to pick the right partner in their trading journey. Abraham Lincoln’s all-wise saying about having ten hours to cut a tree, and using the first seven to sharpen the axe, rings true. 

Picking the right platform that offers features like high leverage, low margin requirements, and powerful trading software can be decisive. 

Let’s analyze two of those features; zero commissions and leverage. 

The Importance of Zero Commissions 

Ultimately, all a trader cares about is their bottom line.  They already incur risk from the trading. Therefore, it is best to have a platform that will not put you further in the hole. A platform like CryptoAltum offers a 100 percent deposit bonus to give such traders a soft landing before they even start. 

Trading platforms usually charge commissions depending on traded volume. Alternatively, some impose a flat fee for every trade.

Commissions are usually based on traded volume or charged as a flat fee per trade. For instance, the European markets impose a commission based on trade volume for stock trades.

It is common for brokers to have a flat fee/trade or a flat percentage. These figures may look relatively small in isolation but rack up high over a considerable time. Regardless, commissions chip away at your returns and are something you would gladly do without. 

Well, someone already thought of that. CryptoAltum does not impose a commission for trading crypto on its platform. The zero commission policy is among the perks that have created a global client base since going active in 2019. In crypto, traders are very picky, and the fact that this platform has excellent retention rates is a testament to MT5’s allure and incentives like zero commissions on crypto trades. 

Even small trades can enjoy the zero commission exemption. Transactions in crypto can be in tiny amounts because Bitcoin is divisible into Sats. If a broker imposes a flat commission like $5 per trade, some small trades and micropayments become unrealistic. 

Trades which are less than $50 can benefit from the zero commissions. On CryptoAltum, the most popular deposits are Bitcoin and USDT. Much as there are whales in crypto circles, most of the activity is by small traders looking to punch upwards.  

Leverage Is the Essence of Margin Trading 

The word leverage is common in regular discourse. 

In layman’s terms, it refers to how much control one has over a situation. In a negotiation, it equates to how far you can get the other party to go. 

Well, that is close to home regarding what leverage means in trading. Leverage in trading refers to how much your money can be multiplied when making a trade. 

For instance, leverage of 1:100 means that your deposit gets magnified one hundred times when making a trade. Margin trading, therefore, allows a trader to deposit a small amount (the margin) and trade as though they have the leveraged amount, which can be potentially lucrative. 

That sounds mild relative to the maximum leverage of 1:500 that CryptoAltum offers! 

The key to understanding leverage is to get that it is a double-edged sword. Understand how it works first because you also incur a significant amount of risk. 

That said, once you master the art of leveraged trading, the horizon becomes clearer. CryptoAltum also offers short positions that make these leveraged trades all the more exciting. The high leverage comes with low crypto spreads and 100 percent trade execution. High leverage can be lucrative once a person masters the art. Trading, like any other skill, requires time to acquire the skill and experience. 

The wide variety of cryptocurrencies on offer makes trading far more intriguing. Trading on relatively new cryptocurrencies is all about timing. Long crypto positions can allow a trader to strategically bet that a token will rise and profit from the explosive rallies typical in this industry. 

Leveraged trading allows investors to maximize returns even from small price changes. The MT5 Bitcoin trading platform allows for seamless execution of trades at an efficiency level that manual placement could never achieve. Individuals have the opportunity to maximize their earnings from a relatively low starting capital.  


Crypto trading is all about having an edge in the market. 

MT5 provides traders on CryptoAltum a tool to enter and exit positions seamlessly. Trade automation has made this sector extra efficient. Additionally, 100 percent deposit bonus, high leverage, and zero commissions make for a potentially lucrative venture in the markets. 

As always, take time to analyze the specific assets you want to trade. This analysis is informative to your general trading practices and ability to handle risk. CryptoAltum also offers a risk free demo account for any traders wishing to try out their offering. 

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