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Why Choose A Secure Video Hosting Platform?


We mostly watch videos for either entertainment or education purposes. Video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have grown to generous sizes over the past few years. Most social media platforms around the world now allow users to share a live video as well. Digital advertising has seen a significant increase in usage as well.

However, not all types of videos are meant for mass sharing or posting to the public. You may also wish to use video for various purposes that require greater security and privacy than any public platform can likely provide. You may want to use video for internal communications among your team. Your company may need to communicate among its branches in different parts of the world via video conferences. Multinational companies would generally be hesitant to use public portals such as Facebook or Instagram live video for their internal meetings. With meetings increasingly moving online, your company may wish to keep your video conferences as well as their recording extremely secure and safe from external breaches of any kind.

The need for secure video sharing

Just like it’s a common practice to require text and mail services within companies to be end-to-end encrypted, video communications need such security measures too. Secure video hosting platforms can help you ensure the security of the videos. Several video hosting sites offer users, both individuals and institutions, to host their video content securely, without the risk of it being leaked or intruded upon.

The following are the main reasons for using secure video hosting platforms:

  1. Internal Communication: Secure video hosting helps maintain security in the internal communication of companies and firms. Especially when it comes to confidential information (of the kind that government departments and high levels of multinational companies generally deal with), such security is paramount, if not entirely essential. This mandates the use of secure video hosting platforms for all communication done via video.
  1. Piracy protection: Secure video hosting platforms generally contain stringent safeguards against piracy of any kind. Essentially, such private video hosting platforms can prevent any user apart from the uploader from downloading the video communicated and posting it to any other portal. In case downloads are permitted, users only receive a heavily watermarked copy of the video that cannot be put to external use. These portals also contain enough layers of security to prevent any external pirate from accessing the video. This also prevents them from downloading and reusing the video in any manner.
  1. Easy usage: There are many contexts in which you require to use a simple private video hosting platform to store videos securely by embedding code. This is among the main reasons that several users choose to use secure video hosting platforms. They are considerably more straightforward to use than other similar portals. Also, they do not require a lot of learning to be used.
  1. Video API: This is an excellent benefit of using video hosting sites. Most secure video hosting portals will provide you with an intuitive user interface as the cover for a robust API. The API allows you not just to manage your videos effectively but also to improve the efficiency of the management of your video library. Several private video hosting portals contain really versatile APIs with capabilities to significantly customize the experience of the user.
  1. Revenue saving: Perhaps the most prevalent reason why secure video hosting is used is to save revenue. This revenue would otherwise have been lost due to piracy, sharing, or other means involving an opportunity cost. Such portals will generally not allow the user to download the video. Still, they will also be able to detect whether the user is trying to capture the screen and will take steps to prevent the same from happening. Several significant studios and firms use this method, primarily if the video content that they post online is meant to be accessed via purchase or subscription.

If you’re a business owner and your video is your currency, secure video hosting services are the right fit for you. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for a different solution. If you are a marketer, any decent video hosting platform will do. But for internal communication, you’d need to make sure that your videos have domain restrictions and password protection to make sure only authorized users in your domain can access it.

In case you are an OTT platform or eLearning video platform, the best option is to go for a platform that provides DRM encryption along with other added features such as screen capture protection, dynamic watermarking. This will ensure that your video does not get downloaded easily and if it does, you can track those users with the help of dynamic watermarking. One such DRM platform is Vdocipher, they provide Hollywood-grade encryption to ensure piracy protection. You also get other important features such as video APIs to manage your videos, along with CDN and a custom player and Dashboard.

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