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Why Business Reviews Matter

When customers are trying to choose a business, the first thing that they want to see is the experience that other consumers had with a company. It doesn’t matter if it is for home construction or app construction; people always look at a business’ reviews. In fact, 90% of people use the online reviews in their consideration of whether or not they are going to even bother to visit a website and look around.

If that fact is not staggering enough, you should know that 88% of customers trust an online review just as much as they would trust a personal recommendation. Moreover, 86% of people will not buy from a company that has negative reviews. Are you seeing the trend here? It’s all about the concept of Ethos, or trusting the individuals based on their purported experience. In this case, the reviewers are people that have already used the business and either recommend it or do not recommend it based on the business dealings.

There are several takeaways from this information. First and foremost, businesses that have reviews available for consumption are more likely to get first time customers. Secondly, no reviews are almost as bad as having a negative review on your website. People will see a lack of information as a sign that people are not using your product or that it was not impressive enough for customers to leave feedback. Either way, businesses are going to want their customers to provide feedback on their business.

Yet, there is another element to business reviews that still requires examination: where are the reviews left? A lot of people just leave them through companies like Yelp or Google, but the issue is that these are primarily for brick and mortar stores. The tech world has brick and mortar businesses alongside online companies, putting them at a disadvantage. That is why specific review sites like works to compile reviews and tips on tech companies, allowing their reviews to be available in one place.

All in all, the reviews for your business have the potential to make or break your business. Either clients will see that a company has a good review and give it a chance, or they will see negative reviews or no reviews which are almost as bad. Yet, with so many opportunities to ensure that businesses see company reviews, it is only a matter of utilizing review websites to make sure that one’s company is visible.

Other forms of reviews like word of mouth, reviews from an influencer, business reviews through content writing and blog posts, go a very long way to give trust and confidence to your customers and potential clients.

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