Why BixBcoin Is One To Watch Going Forward


As the realm of cryptocurrencies is continuously changing, it can be hard to determine which projects seem to be worth investing in. Nevertheless, one cryptocurrency, in particular, has progressively grown to the point that many actively believe it to be a suitable long-term investment.

The cryptocurrency is called BixBcoin, and its official ticker is BIXB. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency established in the first quarter of 2020. Its consensus mechanism is based on Proof-of-Work (PoW). BixBcoin has been released in the total amount of 3,000,000 units by MRM Group, and its total market cap is over $67,700,000 as of the time of this writing and rapidly growing.

BIXB is a digital asset that employs blockchain technology to successfully enable financial transactions which are not overseen by anyone’s authority (thereby removing the involvement of third parties and intermediaries). It is considered to be very secure, fast, and free of any limits. The transaction history can also be seen at any time by visiting

What are BixBcoin’s features?

Most of the key characteristics linked with this cryptocurrency concentrate around a variety of topics like the DeFi services, safety, low-fee transactions, etc. As with any other cryptocurrency, it is critical to understand these factors before making any financial decisions on a prospective investment.

The BIXB blockchain, which serves as the project’s backbone, is also a key feature. The presence of a robust framework, which has subsequently allowed BixBcoin to effectively become a multi-platform financial service with several good long-term possibilities, is an indispensable trait that can only be found among the finest projects in the cryptocurrency market.

There is also the ‘BIXB Wallet’ tool, which is provided to help facilitate the project’s usage. The BIXB wallet is available for Linux, Windows, Android, and the web. Finally, BIXB’s source code is accessible on GitHub for everyone. It can be viewed at In layman’s terms, open-source projects ensure sustainability and transparency.

Other factors to consider when choosing BixBcoin include the ‘BIXBPay Gateway,’ ‘Loanypto,’ incentive programs, and collaboration with the thriving gaming sector through ‘Victory Games’ and ‘Toto’ for instance. 

Which exchanges support BixBcoin?

BIXB EXCHANGE is the official exchange of BixBcoin, but it is also available on Coinsbit and Hotbit. Specifically, the inclusion of BIXB on Hotbit provides an excellent opportunity to reap the benefits of utilizing a user-friendly platform with low transaction fees and no restrictions. On Hotbit, BIXB can hence be traded with BTC as well as USDT pairings. Additionally, trades are also possible through several fiat currencies. Furthermore, Hotbit typically provides some exciting incentive investment projects, and BIXB is now on that list, with a reported APY of somewhat more than 60%.

On that note, the ‘BIXB 90-Day Lock-Up Official Incentive Plan’ was made available for purchase last month towards the final week of October. The initial annual rate of return is said to be 60.6%, with the interest period computed as (T+1) and automatic redemption occurring after 90 days. For additional information, go to

A new platform

Probix is a new platform developed by BixbCoin creators that is suitable for holders who wish to increase their earnings by hodling their respective virtual asset. Probix may be understood as a platform constructed utilising blockchain technology that operates independently and lacks organisational or human intervention. Moreover, because the security measures put in place by Probix are well-protected and trustworthy, users can easily register on the platform and usage of its functionalities do not require KYC either.

Nonetheless, it must be noted that this innovative new effort has increased user demand, resulting in a recent price increase as consumers are eager to begin utilising Probix by obtaining BIXB to participate in a profitable investment through the investing of their tokens. By holding BIXB for a 12 months, consumers can also earn more than 200% annual percentage yield in tokens.

Conversely, as the different Probix plans are all reliant on T + 1, customers who keep their asset for a time period of less than a year can still profit from non-compound interest at the conclusion of the plan’s tenure. This entails distribution to the capital of the users and is not computed as compound interest because if it were, then the consumers may expect a big return by holding it for the 12 month timeframe.

As such, users will be paid the compound interest in line with the plan which will be selected by them. The users may therefore select investment plans with varying percentages, durations and volumes through Probix’s official website.

Overall success and future of BixBcoin

BixBcoin has now managed to be listed on many high-grade websites such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. In terms of its price analytics, it had gone live in March 2020, and it was valued at $25 at the time. Fast forward a year, and BIXB managed to reach an all-time high (ATH) of over $200. However, the price has dropped since then. Regardless of the price decrease, however, BixBcoin remains one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies mainly because of the aforementioned features and rewards; hence, many believe it to be a viable investment for the long run.

Despite everything else though, it is hence clear to see that the top cryptocurrency projects are often not those with the highest prices, but rather the ones who can confidently overcome the various obstacles and challenges which confront them. BixBcoin is such a project, and it is thus one to keep an eye on for the future.

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