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Why are investors more preferable than realtors when selling a house? 


When thinking of selling your asset, most individuals work with real estate agents or realtors because that is the way these processes have been. However, not every individual has a positive experience while working with Realtors. Sure, these are professionals who have experience and knowledge of this field. However, their approach is very different. Their work does not always benefit the seller. There are multiple benefits they can offer you, and therefore taking their help is worth it. If you have realised that you do not want to take the Realtors help and complicate the process, there are other areas where you can explore. One of these is selling the property to an investor. 


Investors purchase the house as it is

If your house is rundown, the real estate agent will never work. Even if they do, they will request a necessary repair before they list and promote your residence. Investors, on the other hand, never require this. When they buy your property, they know the condition and understand how to fix it. They will bring you an offer, which reflects what they require to spend on the necessary repair. For working with investors, you must have a complete understanding of your property to make the process thorough and fast.


Are you concerned about the damage extent? 

Whether it is a roof condition, paint, furniture or other aspects, they will deal with everything. Fire damage, water damage or mold damage are not issues that will bring any hassle to the buying-selling process. They will inspect your property in detail and work with you while handling these issues.


Investors help during foreclosure. 

If your property is in foreclosure, you have limited opportunity in terms of time for selling the house and avoiding the foreclosure from completion. In most countries, the period is something between 90-100 days. However, it depends from one state to the other.


Remember that your house is your property. If you understand that you cannot settle your debt with the lender, you are required to sell your property fast. Hence, foreclosure or any other legal problems will damage your reputation. Selling the property for avoiding these problems may still harm credit history. It is thereby a significant aspect to explore.

Time is a significant aspect of this situation.


If you want to avoid disasters, you may have to work with investors and not Realtors. Realtors will not take up the case and make it even worse. They will not guarantee you any desirable outcome. Investors, on the other hand, regularly purchase a residence in foreclosure. They are familiar with the procedure. Hence, they can better help you deal with the lender and arrange for a short sale. More so, they will help you close the deal before the period of foreclosure ends. When you have any investor by your side, they will quickly assess your property and update you on every stage. It isn’t easy to understand what to do and how to do it in these situations.


Bad neighbourhood and house sale

When you purchase a property, the neighbourhood plays an essential role. When you move into a new location, there is no guarantee of getting friendly neighbours. If the setting is not appropriate, it will harm your property sale. Remember that no interested buyer will shift into a location with a bad neighbourhood. Even the best Realtors may struggle to sell the property at a desirable amount.


On the other hand, they have a unique approach when you work with investors. Remember that these individuals are not going to live in your residence. Hence, they do not care about the neighbourhood. They will undertake the necessary repair and resell the property to another buyer. Their goal is to purchase the house and make it beautiful enough to sell it to another buyer. Hence, the neighbourhood does not impact them in any way.


No requirement for re-listing. 

When working with Realtors, you have to work on an agreement that specifies the time the realtor will sell your property. If your house does not sell before the expiry of this period, you may have to go for re-listing the property with the same person. It will restart the procedure all over again. However, the same is not the case with investors. Investors are not looking for individuals to purchase your house. They will buy it, make the necessary repairs, and sell it again. Hence, they are not searching for buyers. The investors buy the home directly, and what happens next, you know it all.


Investors make cash payments

Realtors help you get clients who want to purchase your property but will not fund the buyer. Only financial institutions can do that. Most of the buyers do not buy in cash. They need mortgage and loan approval from banks and financial institutions for purchasing your property. Sometimes, a person enters this process but might not get a loan. The method thereby gets delayed. However, it is not the case with investors. Investors have a vast amount of money. They purchase properties in cash. Hence, they do not require approval for loans and mortgages. What they provide you is what you will get. Thus, there is no reason to worry about the complicated loan process as it might delay unnecessarily.


The market does not have any role

The success rate of a realtor depends on the real estate market in the house area, which they want to sell. The buyers may be there or may not be there. Even highly qualified Realtors cannot say what will happen to the housing market. It may go up, or it may go down. The market sinks when you do not have clients interested in buying properties.


Investors will purchase your property and make it as attractive as possible. They make necessary repairs to make it more saleable, and thereby there is no role of market stabilization. They will not wait for the market to get back in balance. Even in the worst market, they will grab buyers and settle for the deal.


No complex paperwork

When you work with investors, there is no need for complicated paperwork. The investor handles all work in a hassle-free way. These persons buy the property directly from you, and thereby there is no role of third parties. Your dwelling is transferring from one hand into another. Hence, it drastically limits the requirement of paperwork.


No Commission

Realtors will not work for free. Even an average realtor takes a 6% commission on the entire amount. In most situations, it is so high that for an average individual, it is unaffordable. It deceives the buying-selling process, as you are not getting the full money. They will split it between agents. However, the same is not the case with investors. There is no reason for commission fees when working with investors. When you work with investors, the procedure is simple. The house gets projected, the money comes to you, and everybody is happy. You may know more about this from


No closing expenses

The closing procedure requires a vast amount of money. You will get picked for ends, odds, and strange things such as paperwork filing. An investor limits a large part of this process. The closing becomes the investor’s responsibility. Since they are not asking you to repair the home, the offer is the way you like it. A reliable professional never comes after you for getting any money back.


How does working with an investor make things easy?

The above-given points reveal very clearly the advantages of working with an investor. Whether a quick closing procedure or starting the process as fast as possible, they have multiple benefits to offer. Along with this, they have a vast commercial network that works according to your requirement. Hence, you can grab the help of investors and work on your strategies for house sales.


However, there is one point you have to keep in mind. Whenever you work with investors, see that they are from reputable agencies. They are a team of experienced individuals who will purchase your property and handle every concern. When you have decided that you want to work with investors, you have to send them detailed information regarding your property. For this, a thorough inspection of the house is necessary. They will respond to you as quickly as possible and help you with the best cash offer.


All these benefits culminate into a vital one. The lack of commission, loan approval, and closing paperwork helps an investor jump into the sale process. Since investors have money, they do not require any sanction from the financial institution. Hence, the process is easy and fast. Whether it is the closing process or other aspects, you do not have to wait for an eternity. These individuals may close your deal within a week. Hence, there is no need to stay, and you can start picking the offer as fast as possible. Time is a vital factor here; therefore, if you are thinking of wrapping the deal quickly, the only option is to work with investors.





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