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Why are Fax Apps Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Fax Apps Becoming Increasingly Popular

Did you know that faxing is still considered one of the safest and most trustworthy ways of sharing documents? In fact, most if not all businesses today still use fax to transmit vital papers even after all these years.

That said, many firms are transitioning to Online Faxing as their infrastructures move to the cloud. This is because traditional fax systems have become too inefficient and expensive to maintain. Here are the 8 key benefits of using a wireless fax machine or an online fax service

1. Ensures Compliance with Regulations

One of the most important reasons why Online Faxing has become the preferable alternative to conventional faxing is security, which includes numerous elements. First, many businesses are now required to follow rules including MiFID II, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and the famous Dodd-Frank Act. However, these regulations are continually changing, and new criteria are added regularly. This makes onsite infrastructure updates costly, cumbersome, and time-consuming.

Secondly, actualizations and maintenance incur considerable expenditures that many organizations cannot afford or do not want to incur. As a result, firms continue to utilize obsolete versions. Unfortunately, this results in serious security breaches.

2. Security is Guaranteed

Online Faxing gives higher security in the transfer of records. This is unlike traditional faxing machines which use old technologies that can’t accommodate current security developments. Normally, traditional faxes leave sensitive information out in the open on the fax machine for an extended period.

This increases the danger of it being seen by the wrong person. Fortunately, sensitive information is secured during transmission and is only available through the recipient’s private account when using Online Faxing.

3. It makes Record-Keeping Easy

Because it allows you to electronically categorize documents immediately from your fax portal or email, Virtual Fax makes information storing and archiving a breeze. As a result, it reduces the need to deal with piles of physical papers that could be lost or damaged at any time. Additionally, it eliminates the requirement to scan faxes to save them electronically.

4. Helps to Conserve the Environment

Traditional fax infrastructures consume about 200 billion pages in the United States alone. This results in forest devastation and irreparable environmental impact. According to BeBusinessed, upgrading just 5% of these fax machines to Online Faxing will save 10 billion pages of paper and more than 1 million trees every year.

5. It is an Affordable Option

Maintaining hardware infrastructures can be extremely costly. This is especially with ink cartridges costing up to $50 per 200 pages, among other things. Remember, Virtual Fax is predicted to save your firm at least $500 per year, or more, depending on usage. This can make a significant impact, especially for smaller businesses.

Moreover, maintenance of local telephone line services and even long-distance charges are all costly.

Besides this, recurring costs like ink cartridges, paper, and energy consumption can be quite high. Luckily, receiving online fax is incredibly cost-effective. With services like iFaxapp, you only pay for what you use, so there are no hidden costs.

6. It is Convenient

Online faxing techniques are substantially more convenient than traditional faxing in many ways. For example, all of your incoming faxes will appear in your fax website or email inbox right away. Besides this, outgoing faxes may be uploaded electronically with a single click, saving you time on scans. Furthermore, fax may be transmitted to numerous numbers at the same time, making this technology faster and more convenient.

7. Fax Documents are Legally Binding

Files sent by fax are declared legally binding due to their authenticity. This is because data is transmitted over telephone lines. That way, a cybercriminal would have to know the exact moment fax is sent to be able to interrupt it. Emails, on the other hand, are not legally enforceable because they are less secure and hence more subject to cyber-attacks, allowing easy access to hackers.

8. It is Highly Scalable

Virtual fax providers, such as Cloud Worldwide Services, offer infinitely expandable solutions that adapt to your firm’s demands. This is unlike onsite systems that are less flexible and hard to expand. Besides this, scalable solutions are constantly up and running to suit your requirements. It does not matter whether you need to open new fax lines, add varied users, or send more faxes than you originally projected.

What’s more, you can always be confident that you’re not paying a penny more than you’re using with the pay-per-use pricing approach. Furthermore, if you discover that you require less fax credit than you anticipated, you may quickly adjust your plan without paying additional expenses.

Wind Up

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to use online faxing for your business. Not only is it safe, but affordable as well. That way, you can run your business hassle-free!

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