Why appium is the best Automation Testing Tool for Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

With Appium creating a buzz since its introduction as a mobile automation testing tool, efforts have always been made to leverage Appium Automation to its fullest potential. Apart from being an open source tool for automation testing, let’s explore its other capabilities which makes it one of its kind of mobile automation testing tools. Before learning about the features which proves it best for mobile application testing, let’s go through the introduction of Appium. 

What is Appium?

Appium is an Open source automation tool used for cross platform testing like native, hybrid and web applications on both the platforms IOS and Android.Its capability for testing all kinds of tools under one platform, makes it a multipurpose and convenient testing tool.Appium is called as a cross platform testing tool because it uses JSON wire protocol internally to interact with native apps of IOS and Android using Selenium Webdriver. 

Now let’s have a look at why Appium is the best automation testing tool for Mobile Applications Testing 

Uses Standard Automation API on all platforms

As Appium uses the same API in all the platforms, this saves the time and effort in coding and recompiling the code for different OS like IOS and Android. It can be integrated in platforms that are used for testing of both the Android and IOS devices.But still separate IOS and Android scripts are needed as UI elements vary for different platforms.

Supports all scripting languages 

Appium does not restrict you in using a particular programming language for writing automation scripts. You can write Appium scripts in all kinds of programming languages like C, PHP, Python, C#, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. This is because it uses selenium webdriver for writing scripts which supports all kinds of programming languages.

Supports all testing framework 

Appium is compatible with all kinds of frameworks unlike in earlier days tests could only be written through Javascript using the UI Automation of library for Apple or Java based tests could only be written through UIAutomator of Google. Appium completely changed this scenario.

Cross platform test automation

Appium is a cross platform test automation tool that can be used for testing of both the IOS and Android devices as it uses a single API that is used for both Android and IOS.Appium is just not restricted to mobile testing but recently it has started windows desktop application testing.

Open Source

One of the best advantages of using appium is that it is an Open Source framework invented by sauce labs and supports all types of devices like emulators, simulators, real android, ios devices and native, hybrid and web applications.  


For mobile applications to do well in the market we need to make sure that it gives qualitative results without compromising the speed. We need to select the right automation tools to increase the speed of app development and withstand any dynamic challenge that may outbreak during the development of a mobile application. Appium is the best solution for high speed mobile app testing and specially for a device cloud. For pCloudy which is a cloud based mobile application testing tool we use Appium mobile testing tool for multiple mobile devices kept in parallel. 

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