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Why an editable QR code is best for business use?

Since more businesses are getting the hang of using QR codes in their business as a part of their digitalization transition, knowing which QR code type to use only makes their transition successful and profitable in the long run.

With technology continually changing its means to provide better technological tools for users to enjoy and unlock more possibilities with it, the technology QR codes offer is broken down into two known types, the static ones, and the editable ones.

Through these types, people with background knowledge about creating QR codes using a QR code generator online are able to distinguish which type is good for personal and business use. But for those who barely know how to create one and needs to keep up with their competitor, here is a side to side comparison between the two known types of QR codes.

Why an editable QR code is best for business use?

In this comparison, this article will place three tech feature grounds that every business should consider when using them. And these grounds are:

Design Output

When it comes to a QR code’s design output, one thing a business owner should notice is how the data is being processed by the QR code maker. In terms of the use of a static QR code, the data is saved through its design output graphics and the dots it has depends on the amount of information a user encodes. If a user attaches a large size of data, the number of dots created increases.

While with an editable QR code, the number of dots created in it is lesser than static QR codes. And that is because the information/data embedded in the code is saved online, in the form of a shortened URL.

Longevity of Usage

As both types are can be used for a long time, the longevity of usage for a static QR code depends on how long is the URL converted is present on the internet. Because once the link embedded directs you to a bad website gateway, then the use of the static QR code ends there.

An editable QR code on the other hand allows a user to update its information anytime and anywhere. Through this, a user can prolong its use without worrying about the link or data embedded getting expired. As long as you keep your subscription plan going, the use of this type of QR code is perfect for long-term use.

Data Embedding Options

Static QR codes can only embed two kinds of data/information, and these are text and URL. It also only allows a user to embed the information once. And with that restriction, businesses cannot fully use them for other operating means.

Because of that, tech developers create editable QR codes to address the issue such as one-time QR code generation and limited data embedding options. Up to date, editable QR codes can embed the type of data/information a static QR code has as well as files, H5 pages, and multiple URLs. All of which is can be useful for business use.

Additional Perks

Both static and editable QR codes have the option for getting their design output to be modified by changing the eye shapes, dot pattern, and colors and add a logo.

As their design is can be modified by the use of a QR code generator with logo, there are other perks that static QR codes don’t have and that is the ability to monitor the number of scans in real-time. Since taking account of every strategy applied in business is a necessity that every business owner should know, the use of editable QR codes can help businesses track the success rate their strategy has.


With the comparisons made between the static and editable QR code, it is clear to see that the second type holds more potential success for one’s business growth.

Because of this, it is important for businesses to carefully choose which type of QR code they should employ in their business and reduce any usage mistakes in the future.

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