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Why a small business needs a website if it doesn’t already have one

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed all sorts of active marketing campaigns. Many of these campaigns tend to convince users to support their local businesses, especially the smaller ones.

The internet made this very easy. Today, most shops have an online storefront that targets particularly buyers in their geographic area. At the same time, entrepreneurs report a growing number of online purchases. We tend to believe this happens exactly because they invested time to enhance their online presence.

The importance of online presence has grown to such an extent that it dictates the success of a business. 

Websites create first impressions

Keep in mind that most people landing on your homepage are people who don’t know you. For them, the website that you create with a WordPress theme for local businesses is the gateway to information so make an impression that lasts. Give them the information they need and invoke emotions at the same time. 

Believe it or not, it is the first encounter where most consumers decide whether to continue engaging and buy your products. 

Websites show that you are available

Next to being present in the actual market, show consumers, that you are there in the digital world. Websites are not cheap, but that’s nothing compared to the potential loss of not having one. 

If you don’t own a website, potential customers won’t have the possibility to learn more about you from the comfort of their couch. Also, they certainly won’t be interested in what you have to offer. A website, on the other hand, means you are there and you are reliable. In a way, it shows them that you exist. 

Websites give visitors a reason to purchase your services

Your website is, in fact, an online platform where you introduce yourself and your businesses. Everything you add to it should be a compelling reason for buyers to consider your services.

For instance, you should give them the possibility to purchase the desired item online and do so with a few very simple clicks. At the same time, you should use moving reviews and quality imagery to introduce your brand in the best possible light. 

Websites ensure you will be present on Google

Think about your behavior in the digital world. Whatever you are looking for, including products on services, the search begins on Google.

Search engines have a list of predefined parameters to push websites forward and display them to customers. In a way, they determine which online business will be more successful. The only thing that is worse than having a site that doesn’t meet their requirements is not having a site at all.

Therefore, take some time to enhance your online location. Add all important contact information and attractively display your offerings. You will be surprised by how much clients appreciate your efforts. 

Websites make you trustworthy

Websites can do more for your credibility than any other effort you make. We live in a digital era, and the lack of online presence can make buyers suspicious of you and not interested in conversion at all.

Having heard of your business, the thing most people would do is to research you online and check whether you are trustworthy. If they can’t find any information, they will simply forget you and move forward. 

Websites make you more competitive

Think of creating a website as planting seeds. You are trying to establish yourself in a lively ecosystem, and you expect your business to thrive. Once you have a website, you have a place to promote your services. This is your chance to make yourself visible, and build credibility against your competitors.

Without a website, you will lose many opportunities, even among local buyers. You need to show your clients that you are there, regardless of where they are looking for you. 

Websites boost purchases

With a website, you will be able to sell outside your actual, physical location. Your audience reach can expand to other regions and even other countries. You will make yourself visible to buyers, but also potential suppliers and investors. Plus, purchases will be possible outside your working hours, and the cost will be minimal. 

Websites tell your story

Reaching out to potential clients and reacting timely to their requests is more difficult for small businesses. They need a professional, well-organized website to help them communicate effectively. Remember – a website is not only a marketplace for your products and services. It is also a place that convinces visitors you are a trustworthy fit for their needs.

What they certainly don’t want to see is a slow, outdated website. If your prospects find your homepage unattractive, they may ‘swipe left’ and never return. 

Websites are digital brochures

At its basic core, a website replaces a brochure. It serves the purpose of information and tells your story even when you are not around. It is the main place people will go to learn which products and services you provide. Over time, the website can even help you build a community of loyal and engaged users who look forward to any fresh content you post. Because most of them surf on mobile devices, make sure your website is fully optimized. 

The use of a personalized domain makes you more credible

Website owners brought up another interesting point. With a website, you prove you are a legitimate and trustworthy provider.

Nevertheless, you can’t achieve this with any website – you need a domain for your own company ( Thanks to it, you can also send personalized emails and convince potential buyers you are trustworthy. 

Moreover, a website is not everything you need. As a modern entrepreneur, you need to focus on the four main channels in social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can promote each o these profiles on your website, and make it easier for customers to find you there. 

Free and custom advertising

Of course, the main purpose of a website is to keep people informed and engaged. If it is fully optimized, however, you can use it to improve SEO rankings and pop up in front of viewers who’ve never even heard of you. 

For instance, you can have catalog pages where you display products, services, and use scenarios. You might have been invisible to the user community so far, but that is about to change. 

Last and best hope during pandemic times

We all went through the pandemic, and we know how difficult it is to be there for customers. Even without the pandemic, people nowadays like to make purchases from the comfort of their homes, so make it possible for them. If your business is not present on the Intranet, it is as it if was not present at all.

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