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Who Needs a Long-Term Disability Lawyer?

Navigating the compensation process for a disability can be tough. While it is something that you may be able to get through on your own, you shouldn’t have to. You are focusing enough on dealing with your disability. You don’t want to have to spend time talking to insurance companies, etc.  Because of this, many people opt to work with a long-term disability lawyer. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons, shall we?

Long-Term Disability Doesn’t Mean Long-Term Unemployed

A lot of people seem to think that claiming your disability insurance means that you have to be long-term unemployed. If your working hours or working position is changed due to a disability, then you may have a claim. A long-term disability lawyer is there to ensure that the insurance companies won’t be trying to combat this. Trust us, the insurance companies always try to ensure that they do not pay out what you need to be paid.

Deal With Insurance Companies

This is the primary job of any long-term disability lawyer and is where most of their time may be spent.

Insurance companies are tough to deal with. Think about it. Insurance companies have some pretty high-powered lawyers. Insurance companies never want to pay out on insurance policies, and if you do not work with a lawyer that knows what they are doing, then they will make the process as tough as possible for you.

An experienced disability lawyer for long-term conditions will know how to navigate the paperwork required. They will be there to help you collect all the evidence that you need for your claim. This means a greater chance of claiming success.

As we said at the start if you are looking to claim long-term disability benefits, you likely have a severe illness or injury that you need to deal with. You don’t want to be spending time stressing yourself out. You need to focus on medical appointments, etc. Trust us. It is incredibly complicated to go through the process, even if the insurance companies claim it will be simple.

Get The Compensation You Deserve

As we just said, these insurance companies are not fans of paying out cash. This means that if you are trying to navigate the process yourself, you may not receive everything you deserve with your claim. You may not even know you are not getting everything you deserve.

One of the main jobs of your disability lawyer is to go through all of your disability insurance policies. Using their knowledge of long-term disability law, they can work out what you are entitled to. If the insurance company (or your place of work makes a bad offer), the lawyer will fight on your side. They will ensure that you get every penny that you are entitled to. You deserve it. It isn’t your fault that you cannot work long-term, is it?


Remember, long-term disability law is complicated. It is a process that can take months to get through, so you need to make sure you have somebody guiding you through everything. Do not go through the process alone. As we said, this is not something that you deserve. Remember, you should ensure that you only work with lawyers who understand your state’s legal process. There can be small intricacies in your state’s law that need to be navigated. Although thankfully, this is not something that should be too complicated to do.

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