Who Can Take CPR Online Classes?

Learning a new skill always takes an extra push. Sometimes you may not have the resources or necessities. But learning new skills in life is the only way to move forward. It could be something as simple as a routine task like driving or sewing. Life-saving skills are some of the most essential learnings you will ever have. These skills teach you about helping people survive in the most adverse situations. Only a few people know that learning first aid could save their lives. This article discusses the need for such skills and the people who must take them. You will also learn about CPR classes online and their importance.

Who needs life-saving certifications?

The simple answer is that every adult must take this course. It is so because when everyone knows about basic life-saving skills, society will become safer. People will start focusing on saving lives rather than being mere bystanders. It brings about a change in mindset. But, people mentioned in the below list must take at least one life-saving course and get it renewed.

  1. Caregivers: As a caregiver, your job revolves around people diagnosed with terminal illnesses. The human body could give up at any time under these conditions. Hence learning a life saving course could save your patient’s life.
  2. Parents: Once you enter parenthood, life takes a 360-degree turn. Everything that seems beautiful in the house starts looking like a threat to your child. Besides baby-proofing the place, you should also take up a CPR course online or a first aid course. The knowledge from these courses will help you revive your child in a medical emergency.
  3. Job Seekers: If you wish to work as a first aider, you must have the required skills. Also, healthcare providers must take multiple life-saving courses to perform well.
  4. Corporate Security: People who work in the security industry should know these skills.
  5. Children: Schools should teach CPR to children older than nine. They can correctly administer CPR and help elders in their families if needed.

Steps of delivering effect Adult CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a predefined technique that follows some steps. While some people consider the 7-step process, others follow the 10-step option. While the basics remain the same, people choose to separate a few steps to make it easier to understand. The seven-step process below is essential in delivering effective CPR to an adult.

  1. Once you encounter a person unconscious, call the Emergency response team or 911. If you are in the office, also contact your corporate medical team.
  2. Lay the person down on a flat surface and open their airway.
  3. You need to check for any signs of breathing. If the person has no breath, start CPR.
  4. Please put both palms on the patient’s chest and deliver 120 compressions within one minute.
  5. Next, you need to check for any airway blockage and remove it.
  6. Deliver two vital breaths into the patient’s mouth and note that their chest should rise.
  7. Repeat the chest compressions and ensure each compression is almost two inches deep into the chest.

For an adult, you must ensure the chest compressions stay firm and continuous. The patient should awaken with two to three rounds of CPR.

Importance of a CPR course for an ordinary person?

Taking a specialized course may only agree with some. Most people think they will never need the skills taught. So, they only bother to spend time on such life-saving courses. But a CPR online or first aid course is essential for a common person for the reasons below.

  1. To Save Lives: If someone has a cardiac arrest, no amount of money can save their life without the timely administration of CPR. You could prevent a person from brain damage as well.
  2. Become A Hero: You could help a stranger on the road by promptly administering CPR. Once you save their lives, you become a hero in everyone’s eyes.
  3. Gain Confidence: Learning a life-saving course instills confidence and redefines your personality.
  4. Upskilling: Learning a new skill could help you get a better job. Most people who take a CPR course wish to enter the healthcare field.
  5. Create A Safe Environment: When ordinary people learn CPR, they also take the learning home to their society. You cultivate an atmosphere of safety with these courses.
  6. Do Something Different: Everyone yearns to learn a new language or a musical instrument. But only about 3% of the US population undertakes CPR training annually. By taking this course, you will join this elite category and have something to boast about.

How can you take online CPR classes?

Taking a CPR class may become a life-altering decision for many people. But today, you do not need to spend countless hours in traffic to reach your institute. Follow the below steps to take CPR classes online.

  1. You need to ensure you have a fast internet connection. It would help if you also had a laptop or a mobile device.
  2. The next step involves finding the right institution online that offers this course.
  3. Once you have shortlisted the institute, check for the accreditation. The course offered should follow the American Heart Association guidelines. Also, ensure the course grants you a certification post-completion.
  4. Register on the institute’s website and start the course according to the timeline.
  5. Every CPR course comes with a two-year validity. When you select an institute, make sure they provide you with renewal courses.
  6. The online course should let you study at your pace. Even if the course offers live sessions, discuss the timeline beforehand.
  7. If you wish to save money, discuss EMI options with your institute.


When you wish to take any course to upskill yourself, CPR classes online should always be on top of the list. CPR teaches you compassion towards others. Through this course, you learn the working of the human body and the best way to revive it. The American HealthCare Academy brings you the most comprehensive course for CPR. They also help students with renewal courses to keep the validity of their certification alive. Please log onto the AHCA website and take your CPR classes online today.

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