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Who are these Origin Stonekeepers and what do they want?

If you haven’t heard the hype yet, there’s some unique brewing in the WEB3 world. For a while now, savvy cryptopunters have had their eyes on a project called MetaStones. If you haven’t come across MetaStones yet here’s the ultra-lite paper. In a nutshell, it’s a Daoist-themed NFT collection based on Neal Stephenson’s interpretation of the Metaverse. The term, widely attributed to Stephenson, was first mentioned in his 1992 novel Snowcrash. Anyhoo, we digress. So, MetaStones is not only a slick NFT collection with a Taoist twist, it also aims to be the first true Daoist DAO (Digital Autonomous Organization). Not only that the developer recently spoiled some hints about a secret game-fi side hustle called Project X. So, to answer the question posed in the header, the key to MetaStones, the mysterious Project X, and its Daoist DAO are the Origin Stonekeepers. Also known as you…

“It’s said that only the Origin Stonekeepers can awaken the MetaStones. Each MetaStone and each StoneKeeper bind to a specific date and combining these elements alongside other attributes is said to create powerful combinations. In short, we’re gearing up to launch and if you like the idea of a unique WEB3 project with genuine global harmony at its core then now’s a good time to get involved.” A spokesperson for MetaStones.

So, we’re the Origin StoneKeepers?

Well, kinda. Each Origin Stonekeeper is a token. Once claimed they become guardians of the MetaStones’ DAO. As you’d expect, each token has numerous potential variations. From colour hues to armour, and even an assortment of traditional Bagua symbols, chosen for their importance to the Taoist philosophy. Of course, rarity varies too. Less common StoneKeepers have less colour variations and ultra-rare versions carry either eight unique or identical Bagua symbols. These icons are revered in Daoist circles and each one represents one of the philosophy’s core tenets.

What is the role of the Origin StoneKeepers?

According to MetaStones lore once the Origin StoneKeepers have materialised, they’ll draw a corresponding MetaStone from the metaverse into our world.  This process heralds the binding when, MetaStones and Origin StoneKeepers will unite to create powerful entities. At this stage the DAO will form and all MetaStone holders and Origin StoneKeepers will take their place in the council.  

What’s this about a Project X?

Well, long before a certain billionaire decided to tear up his empire, the developers of MetaStones came up with a wild plan to revolutionise WEB3, GameFi, and the metaverse in general. The name of this endeavour is Project X. Their fiendish plan is too grand to explain here, but the easiest way to describe it is this. Remember when you watched Ready Player One and thought, whoa, that’s a cool idea. I’d love to try that one day. Well, they saw it and thought… Whoa, cool idea I bet folks would love to try that one day… let’s start coding it.  Of course, this is a much-simplified explanation and as you can imagine there’s a whole lot more to the story. So, if you want to know more about Project X, Metastones, or the origin Stonekeepers, here’s the link you need to smash. 

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