Who Are the Revolutionary Synthium Health Team Members?

Times are changing and so is the digital world. Synthium Health is leading the world on a journey and this has been made possible by the awesome minds behind it. You definitely want to know about them, so here they are:

  • The CEO, Vijay Reddy, has experience in the industry reaching over 25 years. He played a major role in the development of a company known as OSI Systems Inc., which generated over $15 million in annual revenue in a span of 7 years. Vijay also developed and produced healthcare applications that collectively generated between $8 and $12 million annual revenue for eight years. By early 2012, he started assembling a team of technologically-savvy individuals that would provide a solution to both the current and future loopholes experienced by members of the healthcare ecosystem, which led to the Synthium Health platform.
  • The Director of Sales Operations, George Kraythoff is a 1976 Marketing Management graduate of the Baruch College-CUNY. He has the ability to work in a complex sales environ, and achieve value-based solutions while working with numerous teams in different sectors of the healthcare industry.
  • The Chief Financial Officer, Yamini Vedhire holds an MBA and is a graduate of the University of Delhi, India where she majored in Finance. She also has over 18 years of experience being in charge of the financial and operational activities of numerous companies like a web design company and a maid service. Presently, she handles A/R, A/P, accounting and taxes for Synthium Health.
  • The Business Development Manager, Micheal Innes is an experienced Supply Chain expert being in positions in the healthcare industry related to operations, consulting, and sales. He has also pioneered the transformation of the supply chain operations of a number of fortune 500 companies by developing a vision, establishing a roadmap and successfully coming up with a strategy.
  • The Product Development Manager, Satish Jamaal is a technological asset to the team and project management professional with a flair for team leadership. He works with the development staff directly and has been able to make the Synthium platform top notch.

Among the Board of Advisors include:

  • Kurt Blasena, who presently holds the position of Chief Revenue Officer at Healthgrades where he is in charge of marketing, sales and sales operations, account management, consulting, business development operations, national accounts, and client development.
  • Ruby Daley, who has been able to build a remarkable career in supply chain marketing and sales enablement. Some areas where she has experience include serialization, supply chain visibility, controlled substance ordering, track and trace, lean logistics, account management and consulting, value-based care, interoperability, and HIPAA compliance.
  • Pete Schommer, a Senior Director of Marketing at Medtronic, where he works on a complex laparoscopic surgery platform development project for the company’s MITG (Minimally Invasive Therapies Group).
  • Leslie Teso-Lichtman, who has 35 years of accounting and finance experience in the medical device industry, and is currently a financial consultant and partner to CereVasc, LLC.
  • Joseph Chiarelli, who has over 25 years working in the healthcare industry on Wall Street, and many organizations of different sizes and financial situations.
  • Jeff Daniels, a highly accomplished and seasoned Senior Executive with over 45 years of experience in different sectors like IT insurance, financial management, and healthcare.
  • Rick Curtis, who has 25 years of experience in executive roles, and is currently the President of Polymer Technology Company, involved in the manufacturing of medical devices.
  • Lisa Kilawee, a renowned Senior Executive with over 25 years of experience in Managed Care, Community Project Development, and Healthcare.
  • Moises Faidengold, an accomplished Senior executive, board member, and entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience. He is the Co-founder and President of Medsigns Imaging, which is involved in medical imaging verticals.


With a platform as unique as Synthium Health, the best in different fields is what is needed for its growth and development, and that is exactly what the Synthium Health team is made up of.

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