Which Healthtech Company Do You Admire the Most?

Which Healthtech Company Do You Admire the Most?

Which Healthtech Company Do You Admire the Most?

To gain insight into the most admired healthtech companies, we asked 16 industry professionals, including CEOs, founders, and marketing directors, to share their top picks. From Babylon Health’s innovative patient care to Novoic’s groundbreaking neurological disease detection, discover which companies are leading the way in healthtech and why they stand out.

  • Babylon Health: Innovating Patient Care
  • Medtronic: Pioneering Medical Solutions
  • NovaSam: Sleep Disorder Diagnostic Leaders
  • 23andMe: Uncovering Genetic Connections
  • Arterys: Revolutionizing Healthcare With Cloud
  • GE Healthcare: Transforming Patient Care
  • Tempus: Revolutionizing Cancer Care
  • Lola & Lykke: Empowering Women’s Health
  • Hologic: Passion for Women’s Health
  • TELUS Health: Innovative Healthcare Solutions
  • YMCA360: Promoting Global Health and Well-Being
  • AliveCor: Advancing Cardiac Care Technology
  • Gilead: Enhancing Healthcare With Technology
  • Headspace: Revolutionizing Mindfulness Practices
  • Zocdoc: Simplifying Healthcare Appointments
  • Novoic: Innovative Neurological Disease Detection


Babylon Health: Innovating Patient Care

I admire Babylon Health the most because of their commitment to providing quality healthcare to those in need and their advanced technology. Babylon is revolutionizing healthcare and providing essential services to people in many countries. 

They focus on providing personalized care to each patient and are continuously innovating with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence. It’s an impressive company that I am proud to support.

Span Chen, Growth Director, Notta


Medtronic: Pioneering Medical Solutions

One healthtech company that I truly admire is Medtronic. Their dedication to improving lives through innovative medical technologies and solutions is remarkable. Medtronic has consistently shown a commitment to advancing patient care and addressing critical healthcare challenges.

Their focus on research and development has led to significant advancements in areas like diabetes management, cardiac care, and neurological disorders. Medtronic’s ability to merge technology and healthcare expertise has revolutionized the industry, positively affecting the lives of millions worldwide.

Overall, Medtronic’s combination of innovation, patient-centricity, and commitment to social impact makes them an exemplary healthtech company that deserves admiration.

Samuel Fletcher, Co-founder, SupplyGem


NovaSam: Sleep Disorder Diagnostic Leaders

One of the best health tech companies that I admire is NovaSam. It is the best health tech company as it is a pioneer in sleep disorder diagnostics. 

They benefit patients with turnkey solutions for sleeping disorders. Besides this, their sleep tests generate a proper report that can be viewed again by any physician for treatment. 

Significantly, this company has an excellent reputation in the industry for advancing the science of sleep and highlighting the importance of sleep for overall wellness and good health.

Alex Murray, Search Director, Tilious


23andMe: Uncovering Genetic Connections

23andMe has helped people across the world reconnect with family members and learn more about their health through DNA sampling. Also, the company has made it relatively affordable for many people to tap into their genetic makeup and family tree. Information is power, and 23andMe is creating access to data points that increase connection and prevention.

Joshua Host, CEO, Thrivelab


Arterys: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Cloud

I’ve been following Arterys for a few years now, and they just became the first company to get FDA approval to use cloud computing in a clinical setting.

Without getting too technical, doctors use a machine called a 4D Flow MRI to see the blood flow in a patient’s heart. The only problem is that hospitals’ image-archiving servers can’t read files as large as a 4D Flow’s output.

So doctors have to calculate a heart’s ventricles manually, which is error-prone, leading to potentially deadly miscalculations.

To prevent this, Arterys uses cloud computing to allow doctors to view 4D Flow’s images, helping them make decisions that’ll save thousands of lives.

Scott Lieberman, Owner, Touchdown Money


GE Healthcare: Transforming Patient Care

GE Healthcare is undoubtedly a remarkable healthtech company. They have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology in healthcare, revolutionizing the field. GE Healthcare’s products and solutions have been a game-changer, delivering unprecedented advancements in patient care. 

Their top-of-the-line medical imaging equipment, including groundbreaking MRI and CT scanners, has completely transformed how we diagnose and treat illnesses. Their state-of-the-art monitoring and digital solutions also provide healthcare providers with real-time insights. 

GE Healthcare’s unwavering dedication to research and development and profound expertise places them at the healthtech industry’s forefront. Their contributions have undeniably propelled healthcare into a new era of excellence.

Saneem Ahearn, VP of Marketing, Colorescience


Tempus: Revolutionizing Cancer Care

Tempus is a health-tech startup that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve cancer therapy and patient outcomes. I regard Tempus’s ambition to customize cancer care through the analysis of massive volumes of clinical and genomic data. 

Their technology enables physicians to access and interpret complex patient data, resulting in more targeted and successful treatment plans. The commitment of Tempus to creating a complete and integrated data environment is significant. 

They have accumulated a plethora of data through collaboration with healthcare providers and academic institutes, which helps uncover patterns, discover novel biomarkers, and enhance cancer research.

Gerrid Smith, Communications Manager, Texas Property Tax Loan Pros


Lola & Lykke: Empowering Women’s Health

Lola & Lykke, the award-winning Finnish breastfeeding and maternal support company, for their focus on women’s health. Becoming a new parent is (clearly!) a significant change in a woman’s life, but so often this is overlooked and ignored in healthcare. 

They not only provide an array of products that help and support the physical side of pregnancy and postpartum care, but they also really focus on the care of mothers through digital advice and digital health tools, encouraging conversation and removing the notion that there is any “taboo” subject with the health and wellbeing of mothers and their children.

Jessica Higham, Marketing Manager, Onoco


Hologic: Passion for Women’s Health

Hologic is a healthtech company focused on women’s health. It produces medical imaging and diagnostic products. Hologic’s products have a history of stellar accuracy in detecting health issues. 

These products have helped detect illnesses early in women and saved countless lives. I admire this company because of their passion. Hologic is dedicated to improving women’s health. Their work for breast health and GYN is really impressive. I would urge others to read up on them.

Albert Vaisman, Founder, Soxy


TELUS Health: Innovative Healthcare Solutions

I admire TELUS Health the most. With their innovative solutions, they’re helping healthcare providers deliver more reliable and streamlined services to improve the patient experience. 

Their innovative products, like their electronic medical records platform, make it easier for providers to access and update patient records quickly. I also appreciate their dedication to upholding the highest level of privacy and security protocols for managing patient information.

Adil Advani, Marketing Director, AnySoftwareTools


YMCA360: Promoting Global Health and Well-Being

One health tech company that we truly admire is our customer group of YMCAs and their YMCA360 product. Amidst the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdowns, they launched the first national on-demand Health & Wellness platform for YMCAs. 

Within days of its release, the website went live with over 100 videos from 20+ instructors, catering to registered members. The response was astonishing, with people from 189 countries signing up and using the platform. 

In just under three weeks, the first national YMCA platform became a global sensation, attracting nearly one million unique users. This remarkable achievement showcases their commitment to promoting health and well-being on a large scale. The impact they have made in such a short time is truly inspiring.

Anastasia Rats, Marketing and PR Specialist, Five Jars


AliveCor: Pioneering Cardiac Care Technology

AliveCor is a healthtech company I respect for its innovative work in cardiac care. Their KardiaMobile device, a personal EKG monitor, has enabled people to monitor their heart health from the comfort of their homes. 

This groundbreaking technology has facilitated the early detection of potential heart issues and has considerably improved preventive care.

Dilruba Erkan, Consultant, Morse Decoder


Gilead: Enhancing Healthcare With Technology

Gilead has embraced technology in its development processes to enhance patient care and improve treatments. They have made investments in telemedicine platforms, remote monitoring technologies, and mobile applications, empowering patients and healthcare providers with real-time data and personalized insights. 

With these tools, Gilead is actively working towards enhancing patient engagement, facilitating remote consultations, and streamlining healthcare service delivery. 

Notably, Gilead has been a pioneering force in discovering a cure for hepatitis C, and they continue to explore the potential of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare. These advancements hold great promise in accelerating drug discovery processes.

Dan Barrett, Co-founder, Pacific Precious Metals


Headspace: Revolutionizing Mindfulness Practices

Headspace has revolutionized the way we approach mindfulness and meditation. By integrating these ancient practices with modern tech, they’ve made it possible for anyone to practice anywhere. 

This is incredibly significant as it helps dismantle many barriers, like time constraints and lack of knowledge, which often prevent people from integrating them into their daily routines. We often recommend Headspace in our blog posts and to our clients as a self-help tool, and we’ve received incredible feedback.

Headspace has been successful in making mindfulness mainstream and in making it enjoyable. Their app is intuitive and easy to navigate through a variety of engaging and accessible meditations and exercises. This is crucial when dealing with a practice that can often seem intimidating to beginners.

Bayu Prihandito, Founder and Entrepreneur, Life Architekture


Zocdoc: Simplifying Healthcare Appointments

Zocdoc is the classic case of a company that solves simple problems on a huge scale. I can’t imagine booking appointments with new specialists and providers, now that Zocdoc is in the market. This makes booking and pre-appointment forms simple and easy. I used Zocdoc exclusively when I was on my own. With three kids and always having appointments, it’s a complete no-brainer.

Trevor Ewen, COO, QBench


Novoic: Innovative Neurological Disease Detection

One healthtech company that I admire is Novoic. They use artificial intelligence to detect early signs of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. What sets them apart is their unique and non-invasive approach. They need only a patient’s voice recording to do their work. They are revolutionizing the future of neurological disease detection.

Matias Rodsevich, CEO, PRLab


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