Which Doraemon Gadget Would You Buy if You Had a Chance?

Which Doraemon Gadget Would You Buy

Which Doraemon Gadget Would You Buy if You Had a Chance?

We asked nine professionals from various industries which Doraemon gadget they would buy if given the opportunity. From the Anywhere Door to travel and connect to the Memory Bread to boost productivity, discover the top gadgets these CEOs, founders, and marketing experts would choose to enhance their lives.

  • Anywhere Door: Travel and Connect
  • Jelly Translator: Speak Any Language
  • 4D Pocket: Infinite Storage Space
  • Invisibility Cape: Ethical Opportunities
  • Robot Cat and Voice Recorder: Notes and Fun
  • Doraemon’s Printer: Imagination to Reality
  • Time Machine: Exploration and Growth
  • Hopter: The Ultimate Travel Adventure
  • Memory Bread: Boosting Productivity

Anywhere Door: Travel and Connect

As a digital nomad and social media influencer, I would find Doraemon’s “Anywhere Door” gadget the most helpful one for me, considering the high business traveling expenses our business has to incur every year. Plus, my wish to see the world and work from different aesthetic locations around the world would be fulfilled by this gadget.

During my childhood days when I saw Doraemon, I always used to fantasize about using Doraemon’s “Anywhere Door” gadget and using it to connect with the world that we’re not knowing. The beautiful unknown beaches, local villages in South America, or the forest of the Amazon, I would get to know different perspectives from people all over the world.

Last, but not the least, I love to complete my business tasks and attend many conferences around the world. Through the “Anywhere Door,” I would have access to brilliant minds and brilliant workshops from every part of the world, which would help me with an intelligence facelift.

Johannes Larsson, Founder and CEO,

Jelly Translator: Speak Any Language

If the Jelly Translator was real, I’d definitely buy it! Eating this magic jelly allows you to speak and understand every single language in the world.

So if I was traveling around the world, I’d simply eat this jelly and communicate with anyone. I’d also be able to take my professional career to the next level since I could work anywhere; Japan, Germany, France, you name it! Language barriers will be a thing of the past.

Scott Lieberman, Owner, Touchdown Money

4D Pocket: Infinite Storage Space

The 4D Pocket from Doraemon is a gadget I’d absolutely love to possess. This marvel of technology offers seemingly infinite storage space, enabling you to carry any item, regardless of size, without adding weight or bulkiness. 

With the 4D Pocket, accessing all the essential tools, gadgets, or even leisure items becomes a breeze, providing instant access whenever you need them. This incredible innovation would not only simplify our daily lives but also inspire us to think outside the box and explore boundless creative possibilities, transforming the way we interact with the world around us.

Aysu Erkan, Social Media Manager, Character Calculator

Invisibility Cape: Ethical Opportunities

If I had the chance to purchase a Doraemon gadget, I would opt for the Invisibility Cape. This fascinating piece of technology allows the wearer to become invisible, opening up a world of unique opportunities and experiences.

The Invisibility Cape could be useful in various situations, such as personal safety, discreetly observing events without disrupting them, or simply enjoying a moment of solitude in a crowded place. While the potential applications are vast, it is crucial to use such a powerful tool responsibly and ethically to ensure that it does not infringe on others’ privacy or rights.

Jaya Iyer, Marketing Assistant, Teranga Digital Marketing

Robot Cat and Voice Recorder: Notes and Fun

One Doraemon gadget that I would like to own is the Robot Cat and Voice Recorder gadget. This gadget allows the user to record their voice and play it back at a later time with the voice being projected by Doraemon’s robotic cat structure. 

This would be an excellent tool for recording notes, ideas, or even singing, as it is both entertaining and useful. Additionally, being able to see and interact with the lovable character of Doraemon would make this gadget a great addition to any collection or for personal use.

Tarun Saha, Co-founder and CEO, StallionZo

Doraemon’s Printer: Imagination to Reality

As a consummate lover of all things tech, I love 3D printing and the potential it offers, but the amount of time and effort it takes to program in even the simplest builds from scratch really puts a bit of a damper on bringing things you imagine to life. 

That’s why Doraemon’s printer, which can convert your drawings into actual life-sized versions based on your imagination, is so incredibly appealing. Being able to translate your imagination into reality without all of the labor in between would be amazing.

Dragos Badea, CEO, Yarooms

Time Machine: Exploration and Growth

If I had the chance to choose any Doraemon gadget, I would undoubtedly choose the “Time Machine” gadget. 

As a child, I was fascinated by the endless possibilities that time travel could offer for exploration and adventure. I always wanted to invent a time machine, and this show fascination fueled my dream of becoming a scientist. The concept of traveling through time to witness historical events, observe how humanity has evolved over time, meet historical figures, and learn from the greatest minds in history is something that continues to intrigue me even now.

While time travel poses significant theoretical and philosophical challenges, owning a time machine would offer unparalleled opportunities for personal growth, knowledge acquisition, and adventure. It would be an incredible privilege to experience different eras and cultures firsthand and contribute to the preservation and understanding of human heritage.

Tarannum Fatma, Senior Digital Marketing Executive, GMR Web Team

Hopter: The Ultimate Travel Adventure

Doraemon, to me, is all about adventure, and I don’t think anything says adventure more than the Hopter.

I travel very frequently, and seeing this gadget every so often just made me wish that it was something real. Having the ability to travel to any destination extremely quickly is such a powerful idea.

Thankfully, we aren’t too far off in terms of speed, as magnetic levitation trains are steadily evolving, but it would be incredible if this speed could be applied to flight. In my opinion, flying is and always has been so much more exhilarating than any land-based transport, so having a small gadget that can allow for flight at any time would be amazing.

Of course, it is highly unrealistic, and I doubt that any of us will be using the Hopter for our vacations anytime soon, but I think we could get something similar in the future in terms of faster flights with improved boarding times and the option to travel to many more locations.

Aiden Higgins, Senior Editor and Writer, The Broke Backpacker 

Memory Bread: Boosting Productivity

Being a serial entrepreneur, it literally feels like I never have enough time in the day or processing power in my brain for everything that I need to do. 

Doraemon’s Memory Bread would be a godsend. I can’t count the number of times being able to stick a piece of bread to a sheet of notes and then eating it to encode it into my brain would have come in handy. I’d particularly like it for actually remembering all the things that I write down during the course of the day for “later” (which tends to never come).

Kate Kandefer, CEO, SEOwind

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