Which Crypto Platform Has the Best SEO Strategy?

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Cryptocurrency platforms have become increasingly successful in recent years due, in large part, to their effective use of SEO. Platforms like Binance and CoinBase have become household names in the space thanks to their aggressive and effective SEO campaigns. Other crypto platforms have also seen similar success by utilizing strong SEO strategies involving organic keyword usage, link building, and high-quality content. In the world of cryptocurrency, a strong SEO strategy is often the key to success. For other smaller crypto startups, following in the footsteps of these giants can be the difference between obscurity and becoming a leading player in the industry.

In this article, we will explore how some of the top cryptocurrency platforms are using SEO to their advantage. Specifically, we will look at how the three most popular cryptocurrency platforms, Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken, are using SEO to help promote their platform and attract new users.

Why Do Crypto Platforms Use SEO?

Back in 2013, there were only 66 cryptocurrencies on the market. That number has continuously grown over the years, with over 2,329 IDOs (Initial Dex Offering) launching in 2020. Many businesses are yet to emerge. These businesses use SEO tactics to reach a wider audience on the internet. 

Crypto SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of one’s business online using techniques such as link building, keyword research, and content production. The SEO strategy by incorporates on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to create a path toward that top spot on the first page of the Google Search Results Page. It is all about attracting the target audience to your crypto brand from their searches related to these domains.

Crypto needs SEO strategies more than any other domain, particularly because cryptocurrency is still a relatively new niche, and businesses working within this domain need to employ a lot of tactics and strategies to retain traffic on their platforms. A solid crypto SEO strategy will let you break ahead of those other IDO projects, rising to the top of Google rankings and increasing your brand awareness.

Top 3 Crypto Platforms With the Best SEO Strategies

There are a few things to consider when determining which crypto platform has the best SEO strategy. One is the overall health of the forum – is it active and updated regularly? Another is the platform’s reach – how many people are using it, and how easy is it to find? Finally, you’ll want to consider the platform’s marketing strategy – is it practical, and does it align with your goals?

CoinBase: Best User-Friendly Site With Content That Ranks!

CoinBase is currently known to have the best SEO strategy among all crypto sites. One of the reasons for this is that they’re quick with their service. The site is also pretty easy to navigate, making it user-friendly as well as great for beginners. It also has a very unique and interesting feature. It offers its users security vaults, due to which they’re able to form multiple levels of security on their accounts – only the ones with the right key can access them. 

Coin-Base uses the “How-To” strategy while creating content which proves to be highly effective for its audience. CoinBase has over 11,500 keyword terms, for which it ranks on the first page of Google. Most of these keywords have a “How” included, which has played an important role in recurring searches.

Additionally, after a survey by SemRush, the platform was reported to have the highest:

  • traffic rank
  • monthly estimated organic traffic
  • organic keyword rankings
  • backlink count

The Coinbase team focuses on creating high-quality content that educates users about cryptocurrencies and helps them make informed decisions. This approach has helped Coinbase rank highly for many key terms and attract a lot of organic traffic.

Binance: Best at Retaining Traffic 

Binance is a leading cryptocurrency platform that has made waves in the industry due to its impressive SEO strategy. The platform employs a variety of methods to build links and improve its ranking, including guest blogging, social media outreach, and infographics.

So far, Binance’s efforts have paid off. The platform is currently ranked as the top crypto platform on Google. And with good reason – Binance offers a user-friendly interface, a wide variety of coins and tokens, high-speed transactions, and low fees. They also hold a unique feature termed “stop-loss.” This ensures that no transactions are executed if prices go beyond expectations. 

You may think that low fees and fast-loading pages and transactions do not have much to do with the technical SEO of the website, but you’d be wrong to think that! These indirect measures help boost the website’s user retention, and companies spend millions of dollars working on improving these features of their websites to get a better shot at achieving SEO success.

The platform has a dedicated SEO team that works on optimizing the site for search engines. As a result, Binance ranks highly for many relevant keywords and continues to grow its organic traffic.

Kraken: Lowest Trading Fee

Kraken holds the best crypto exchange for margin trading because its margin funding fee is 0%. This is one of the most authentic crypto platforms out there. It offers two-factor authentication, which is easy to set up. They also use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with encryption which is certified to be up to the highest industry standard. Kraken has recently introduced “Automatic Money Conversion,” which allows users to convert their coins to fiat according to real-time market prices. 

All of the above factors, for each Crypto Platform, play their role in them appearing in most Google Searches. 


There are a few crypto platforms that have implemented powerful SEO strategies, and it is difficult to say which one is the best. However, a few platforms that come to mind are Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken. These platforms have all implemented strategies that focus on building a strong foundation for their brand, and they have also invested in creating quality content that is designed to rank well in search engines. Overall, these platforms remained committed to SEO, and it has paid off in terms of their visibility and traffic.

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