Which are The Best Black Rhino Wheels for My 2021 Ford F-250 Super Duty?

Black Rhino Wheels is currently one of the top brands in the American automotive aftermarket and is a major player in the heavy-duty and off-roading-capable rims niche. It is most widely used by truck owners, although its models are equally good for medium and full-size SUVs, vans and crossovers.

The company is officially called Black Rhino Hard Alloys and is owned by TSW Alloys, one of the oldest rim makers still around. 

It excels in manufacturing multi-piece cast & custom-forged rims. The company draws inspiration from the 2-horned African Black rhinoceros, one of the planet’s most recognizable animals and a critically endangered species.

Rhinos are famed for their legendary durability and toughness, and Black Rhino Wheels (or BRW) tries to add these qualities to every rim it produces alongside classic and edgy designs, an obvious concave profile, and limited customizations.

The company donates handsomely to the Rhino conservation projects in Africa.

The Ford F-250 Super Duty is one of the widest-selling pickups in the United States. Its current V8 engine is a cornerstone of power and is as powerful as the preceding V10. 

However, the Black Rhino Wheels mentioned below are ideal for all comparable vehicles, like the GMC Sierra, the Silverado, and Ford’s own Ranger.

The 5 best Black Rhino Wheels for 2023 and beyond

Each model on this list is ideal for your Ford-F250 Super Duty – plus all vehicles in its class.

  1. BRW Primm: Topping sales charts each year is the Primm, an immensely popular and versatile off-road rim that has been the flagship of the cast wheels range of the company. If you are new to off-roading, you can pick a set of 18-inch Primm wheels in matte black with very distinctive brass bolts.

The 18-inch Black Rhino Wheels Primm has 3 different bolt patterns (5, 6, & 8) and will easily fit minivans, pickup trucks – whether new or lifted or modded – besides SUVs and UTVs.

The mesh spoke design and intricately machined outer rim with contrasting brass bolts all add up to create an image of power and an aggressive stance. Smaller wheels mean you can add bigger tires to have a better and safer off-roading experience too!

  1. BRW Arsenal: The Arsenal is another off-road beauty that mixes performance, aesthetics, and superior navigability on asphalt and is often regarded as a ‘complete’ aftermarket rim. It was designed for all Ford Transit vans that launched post-2020. But with several bolt patterns and enough strength to take on any terrain even with a fully loaded RAM 2500, the Arsenal is excellence in motion. 

Experts recommend you tee off with the 18-inch Arsenal in a textured matte black finish. This is one of the handful of Black Rhino Wheels that borrow design and finish traits from OE rims used in armored military vehicles. 

The spoke design is tactical with tiny windows on the spokes that are machined and removed from the final product. This lowers the cast aluminum rim’s weight but without sacrificing its strength and durability.

With the 18-inch Arsenal, you can take your Jeep Gladiator, the larger Hummer H3, or even a hybrid GMC pickup for a spin on any terrain without worry. The load capacity (between 2,200 and 3,200 lbs.) is very impressive.

  1. BRW Armory: The Armory is newer than the preceding models but has gone ahead and won over plenty of clients for 2 reasons. The first one is that its bolted and unique façade that adds a certain panache to any vehicle. The second is that it is one of the lightest cast rims from Black Rhino Wheels which has load ratings comparable to the heavier ‘Arsenal.’

The Armory was designed for pickup trucks and vans and is available in 3 sizes with 3 different bolt patterns. Of these, it is the 18-inch Armory in a stand-out ‘desert sand’ finish that stands out the most. 

It looks nothing like any other off-road model out there! The desert sand BRW Armor is widely used by owners of the Ford Bronco & the Raptor. It’s also extremely sought-after by those who drive the latest generation RAM 1500/2500/3500. 

As an aside, we recently saw a Kia Telluride outfitted with a set of these wheels at our favorite retail outlet in California: AudioCity USA. This 35-year-old company is in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

The outlet’s aftermarket experts also informed us that the Armory has an unusual 8×180 bolt pattern and bigger lips. Both are suitable for the latest trucks from Chevrolet and a few from GMC. 

Clearly, Black Rhino Wheels is already thinking about the future very keenly.

  1. BRW Overland: This is one of the best aftermarket wheels money can buy when it comes to overlanding, trail racing, and adrenaline-pumping off-roading. The Overland has been developed with smaller and lighter trucks and SUVs in mind. Given that it’s available in 2 bolt patterns only, Black Rhino Wheels is pitching it against similar HQ cast aluminum rims from competitors like Fuel Wheels. 

Try out the 20-inch model in matte black to start off. The bigger wheel ensures that there’s plenty of room to fit in any custom TPMS and braking systems without a hitch. The design draws heavily from the machined 5-spoke template, except that the spokes branch out before touching the inner lip. 

This gives it an industrial and a vaguely familiar look that suits everything from the latest Ford Bronco to the Jeep Gladiator and from the Toyota Tacoma to the RAM 2500. 

In parting

All these models will fit your F-250 Super Duty like a glove. That said, be wary & remember to purchase a set of genuine Black Rhino Wheels from authorized & reputable retailers only.

The aftermarket is flooded with cheap imitations.

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