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Which Affiliate Program Has The Best Terms And Benefits: Swapin, BitPay, Or В2ВPay?

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Swapin, BitPay, and B2BPay are three of the top payment gateways for cryptocurrency available on the market today. Each offers a variety of solutions that allow payments to be made in cryptocurrencies, yet the receiver gets fiat currencies deposited to a connected bank account, along several other key products.

While each service has its select pros and cons, in this comparison, we are explicitly putting the affiliate program of each of these companies head-to-head. Which affiliate program has the best terms and benefits? Swapin, BitPay, or В2ВPay?

About Swapin, BitPay, & BitPay

Swapin is an innovative payment processing service that seeks to bridge the gap between digital assets and the traditional financial services industry. The user-friendly platform provides its users with a wide range of crypto-to-fiat solutions designed for both individuals and businesses.

B2BPay is a payment technology solution with the goal of reducing the exorbitant costs associated with international transfer fees while making crypto payments for businesses easy and effortless. 

BitPay offers a suite of enterprise-grade tools that allow companies to accept crypto, attract new audiences, and avoid the high costs and chargebacks associated with accepting credit card payments. 

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an additional program users can register for where commissions are paid to web admins, influencers, businesses, individuals, and more that bring new users to a platform. Commissions are typically only paid when certain conditions are met, such as completing a KYC process, making a deposit, or reaching a transaction volume threshold.

Affiliate programs can be a lucrative way to generate additional income. Users should look for affiliate programs that have clear terms, regular payouts, and a product that is easy to promote due to offering a high value to audiences. Not every platform offers an affiliate program.

Swapin, BitPay, & В2ВPay: Affiliate Programs Compared

The Swapin affiliate program for business partners can help boost revenue and provide stable, reliable income with up to a 25% revenue share. All it takes is introducing Swapin B2B and B2C solutions to other businesses and individuals, and it is possible to earn fees from every transaction invited users make. Companies can build a viral, income-generating network of many users. Swapin selling points, like being a fully-licensed entity and its overall ease of use, make it possible to promote the Swapin app to a broad audience.

BitPay’s referral program earns both the invited user and the business referring the user $10 each after they’ve signed up and loaded on their first $100. Aside from that, the options to earn revenue as a business are limited. Even worse, B2BPay doesn’t at all offer a way for businesses to earn additional affiliate revenue and income through building a referral network.


Swapin hands-down crushes the competition when it comes to the company’s affiliate program. Businesses also have plenty to promote that will entice users to convert and sign up. In the end, it is the conversion and registration on Swapin that pays users up to 25% in commissions on all user transactions. 

Swapin B2B solutions include CoinCollector, a crypto-invoicing tool, and the plug-and-play E-Com ecommerce widget. B2C solutions include InstaPay and InstaFill, and soon will debut an InstaBuy crypto purchasing feature. These tools offer a convenient method for instantly converting cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and depositing them in a connected bank account.

To learn more about the Swapin affiliate program, visit the official website.

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