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Where to Sell Macbook Pro?

You can sell your Macbook Pro on either online or local platforms. However the best place to sell Macbook Pro is on an online platform using trusted websites like sellmac. We can provide you with fair and competitive prices for your used devices. You can also go and visit to get the most for your Macbook Pro. 

Where Can I Sell My Macbook Pro For Cash

The reasons that you may want to sell your old MacBook is that you want to make a few bucks out of it at the end and also be a responsible citizen of the World. So, it is finding the right place to sell your Macbook Pro is a very significant task and it mainly impacts your overall experience of selling and also you want how is your Mac treated. There are normally two types of platforms available to sell your Mac online. One is the online platforms and the other is local markets. Both have their own pros and cons.

Online Platforms: Easy Reach and Quick Deal

Online platforms provide the opportunity to find you a buyer quickly as these platforms offer a large number of audience, which means there is a higher chance of visibility. Also online platforms offer you a competitive bidding on your devices, which helps increase the selling price. However some online platforms charge commissions or fees on sales, which affects your overall profit. And dealing with the shipping process and assuring the safe delivery to the buyer is a challenging task. Now let’s explore some of the online platforms where you can sell your Macbook Pro.



Ebay offers you the audience from all over the world which gives you a competitive bidding. 


But you should face the shipping difficulties and this platform also charges fees on successful sales.



It offers a huge customer base and the selling process of Amazon is streamlined.


There is a lot of competition, fees, and strict seller requirements on Amazon. 

Facebook Marketplace


You do not face shipping hassles and your Macbook Pro has local and global reach on facebook. 


You will go through the possible safety concerns and limited payment options on Facebook.

Local Market: Convenience and Personal Touch

Selling something locally gives you fast transactions. It allows you to get the cash right away selling your product. It also gives you relief from packaging problems, shipping and possible  damages during transit. However it has some drawbacks too. There is not a large customer or audience base in local markets. So you may not find the buyer as quickly as in online platforms. Also you will face negotiation challenges in local markets. Let’s explore some local market platforms here.

Electronics Stores


There is immediate payment and fast transactions in electronic stores. 


Electronic stores may offer lower prices which affects your profit of selling Macbook pro as compared to online platforms. 

Local Classifieds


There are no shipping hassles in local classifieds and you will communicate with the person directly. 


There is a higher chance of scams in local classifieds than any other platforms. 

When is the Best Time to Sell Your Macbook Pro

If you want to maximize your resale value, you must consider selling your Macbook Pro at the right time. And so you should consider some strategic understanding including both seasonal trends and product release cycles.

Seasonal Trends

Back-to-School Season

Parents and students usually seek laptops in back-to-school season. So, it is the right time to sell your Macbook Pro.

Holiday Shopping Season

You must consider selling your Macbook Pro in the holiday shopping season as buyers are searching for tech gifts. So you can see an increase in consumer spending in this season.

Tax Return Season

People may have extra funds for tech-upgrades in tax return season. So you should sell your Macbook Pro in this season.

Product Release Cycles

New Model Releases

If you sell your Macbook Pro after new model releases, you may see a significant drop in resale value. So Always consider it before the announcement of the new model. 

Pre-Order Period

People want to buy the latest models in the pre-order phase. So selling your current Macbook Pro will give you high returns in that period. As buyers mostly urged to purchase the current model that still meets their need at a reasonable price.

Besides these conditions always consider your own needs such as when you switch or upgrade to different devices.

How to Wipe Your Macbook Pro Before Selling?

Selling Macbook Pro requires securing your personal data. Follow these steps noted below, in order to assure that all your data is completely wiped before selling.

Backup Your Data

Firstly make sure that all your important data is backed up before going to start any deletion process. Use a reliable cloud service or a Time Machine for storing your files with a seamless transition in a new device. 

Sign Out of Your Apple ID

Disable the connection between your Apple ID and Macbook Pro to stop any future access to your personal data. Go to “System Preference,” click on “Apple ID” and then click on Sign out.

Sign Out of Your iCloud

Go to “System Preference,” click on “iCloud” and then click on Sign out. 

Sign Out of Your iMessage

Go to “System Preference,” click on “iMessage” and then click on Sign out.

Deauthorize Your Computer

Deauthorizing your computer is very essential as it stores some of your personal data in it. It ensures that the new owner can not capture your information. 

Disable Find My Mac

Make sure to disable your “Find My Mac”. It allows the new owner to use the Macbook Pro without any activation lock.  Go to “System Preference” click on “ Apple ID,” and open “iCloud”. Turn off “Find My Mac” to disconnect your device from your iCloud account. 

Factory Reset

After following these steps, it’s time to factory reset your Macbook Pro. It not only wipes all your information but it also makes it just like in a new state. 

Reinstall macOS

Reinstalling macOS will prevent the new owner from getting access to your data. After doing it, the storage drive will erase and your previous data won’t be accessed. 

How Much is Your Macbook Pro worth

To know how much your Macbook Pro is worth, just go and visit our website then put your serial number or your model number and you can get an offer depending on the laptop’s condition. 

Factors that affect Macbook Resale Prices

Using the right strategies on selling your Macbook Pro for cash can be a rewarding process. 

Physical Conditions

Make sure to clean the Macbook Pro completely to display it in the best physical state. Also check and fix the cosmetics imperfections like scratches in it.

Performance Optimization

Enhance the performance of your Macbook Pro by upgrading or replacing its components if needed. 

Software Updates

Update the software and operating system to the latest version and also ensure that all firmware and drivers are up to date. 

Data Erasure

To protect your privacy, use a secure data wiping process. It will make it into a clean state for the new owner. Also consider a manual data deletion to meet your security requirements.


Both online and local platforms have their own characteristics. It’s up to your own personal preference whether to reach the global audience in online platforms or seek convenience in local transactions. Once you choose a right platform for selling your Macbook Pro for cash you should consider other factors like how to wipe your Macbook Pro, when to sell it, and factors that affect its resale prices.


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