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Where to look for wedding makeup artists in Singapore?


Finally, the moment is here! You’ve been searching for a venue for the past few months (or might be years), sampling the caterer’s menu, and considering details for the comfort of your guests. You’re way too satisfied with your fantasy dress and why not? After all, this is the biggest moment of your life. Considering all these preparations how about you came to know you are missing something? You haven’t considered any makeup artist for your wedding day yet.  

Panic! Stress! And rightly so because you might have selected the best wedding dress in the town but if your makeup is not up to mark, you won’t look the dream girl you wanted to be throughout your life on your biggest day and all this hard work, preparations, the planning won’t work for you and your day might be ruined.

Even if you’re a makeup pro, the anxiety of your wedding morning—when time passes more quickly than it ever has, your possessions are dispersed over the entire venue, and there are several last-minute tasks on your to-do list—could cause you great worry. Professional makeup artists, however, are used to working under time constraints and in hectic environments. As a result, you won’t have to stress as you get ready for your big day about whether your cat eye will take a few tries to perfect or whether your mascara will accidentally smudge your perfectly applied foundation and compel you to start over.

If your only goal in hiring a skilled wedding makeup artist is to save time and alleviate tension on the morning of your wedding day, it’s still worth the money. 

Top Wedding Makeup Artists Singapore

 So you are in dire and urgent need of a makeup artist who should be professional as well as reputable. In such a short period, you think it is almost impossible to have one. Well, musical touch in this regard is just a knock away.  Wedding Makeup Artist Singapore recommends the finest and most reputable makeup artist available all across Singapore to ease things for you. 

Beauty without Filter: At Beauty without Filter, Atiqah the founder believes that makeup should be tailored to your characteristics and personality. They are a group of well-regarded makeup artists in Singapore that will advise you on anything from hairdos to cosmetics. it is regarded as, a one-stop shop for your wedding makeup as well as its services are available for your pre-wedding shoot, ROM, and your actual wedding day. 

If you’re unsure of what looks would be best for you, their talented makeup artists will walk you through every step, from makeup and haircut to accessories. Affordably priced touch-ups are available to make sure that your bridal hair and makeup remain in place and that you look stunning in all of your wedding images. For quick hairstyle changes as you change into different outfits, their skilled wedding makeup artists are available. To make sure your makeup lasts and your skin looks as nice as it did before, they will consult with you about your skin type and allergies before deciding on the makeup items to use. They’re more than just your wedding makeup artists; they’re also your reliable stylist, reliable friend, or reliable bridesmaid who has attended hundreds of weddings so you can enjoy your big day without worry.

Tiffining Beauty:  They offer professional makeup and hairstyling for editorials, weddings, and other special occasions. With an eye toward your style and comfort level, their approach to beauty is contemporary and refined. In the end, they want to create a look that is both ageless and uniquely you. Like a courtier would do before creating a custom gown, Tiffining beauty accomplishes this by posing questions, responding to questions, and exchanging ideas. Along the journey, they establish connections that last past the engagement picture shoot, through the wedding, and for some, even into the pregnancy and newborn photo sessions. They are here to help with everything from product guidance to arranging a wedding timetable and creating mood boards for brands. If you prefer, think of me as your beauty couturier.

Ling’s Palette:  With her extensive experience styling several brides throughout the years, the founder of Ling’s Palette has learned the value of finding a balance between looking natural in life and looking natural in photographs. Being genuine and camera-ready is important, but you should never let it “wash” you out.

A great makeup artist differs from a good one by having a refined sense of style, judgment, and attractiveness. All brides want a look that will genuinely stand the test of time, regardless of how frequently trends come and go. This is what we mean by traditional beauty.

The Luckiest Chick Makeup:  Fidelis Toh established and serves as the CEO of The Luckiest Chick Makeup. She received her training as a makeup artist for weddings in Taiwan. She is an expert in natural, romantic Korean, and Taiwanese bridal aesthetics. 

She combines her knowledge with the bride’s choices in her emphasis! Fidelis’ skilled hand, provides the bride the look she desires. Through several advanced master’s programs for bridal makeup and hairstyling, she has refined these skills.

Team Bride SG: Team Bride SG, which was established in 2015 by director Joanna Tay, guarantees excellent service for bridal hair and makeup. To provide brides and their entourage with a variety of bridal styles to choose from, they have a staff of senior and executive makeup artists. With many years of experience, they are more than capable of achieving your ideal appearance for your ideal wedding. Each of their senior artists received training in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, and they regularly participate in local and international upgrading programs to stay up to date with the newest bridal trends.

Arieltistry: The founder of Arieltistry believes that every woman should look her best. Makeup, in her opinion, serves as both a means of self-expression and an enhancement of attractiveness. She is c m committed to creating looks that will highlight your lovely characteristics for that special event, whether it be a wedding or a personal makeover.

Applying makeup doesn’t imply your face will be covered in multiple colors, masking your true beauty. A natural, delicate, and clean appearance are what she strives for while doing makeup. To bring out the best in you, Arieltistry is interested in the little things, including your cosmetics and hair. Please feel free to share your thoughts with them so that they can build looks depending on your preferences.

Mibe Leung: Mibe founder of Mibe Leung considers a persistent desire to learn and a heart of service to be the most crucial qualities for a professional makeup and hair artist. Since she has been in this line of work for a long time, she has made it a point to keep up with the most recent cosmetics trends from countries in the region like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Due to its organic and rustic waves, which effortlessly highlight the bride’s inherent beauty, Japanese-style makeup and hairstyles are her favorites.

Along with getting lovely princesses ready for the most important day of their lives, Mibe also worked with well-known local stars like Fann Wong and Christopher Lee and other artists like Darren Lim and Zhu Houren for dramas. Her artwork has also appeared in Singapore’s well-known magazine Singapore Tatler.

Makeup Maestro: Our maestro artists at Makeup Maestro Wedding work to match your personalities with the specifics of our makeup and style to create a wedding look that is all yours. Each of our master artists has a distinctive hallmark look, whether it’s radiant skin or striking eyes. Meet with one of our artists right away to design the appearance of your dreams.

Makeup Doyennes:   Makeup Doyennes have a group of skilled makeup artists with between three and eight years of professional experience available to work on significant projects. We have the tools, know-how, and capability to manage it well whether you require makeup and hairstyling for production with 1 person or more than 100 people!

 At Makeup Doyennes wedding makeup experts can assist you in creating the hair and makeup look that is most appropriate for you on your special day.

They treat every wedding and bride with the utmost care as if it were their wedding. After all, it’s one of the most significant events of your life. You may be sure that their makeup experts will pay close attention to every detail as they turn you into the belle of the ball. 

Their makeup artist will make sure your hair and cosmetics withstand sweat, tears, and Singapore’s humid weather so you can enjoy your pre-wedding photo and video shoot without worrying.

Makeup Doyennes is honored to be listed as one of Singapore’s top makeup artists by various prominent media outlets, as well as to be trusted and showered with warm words of recommendation from a lot of gracious previous clients. 

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