Where to buy the virtual phone number for SMS?


Mainly, people use their own phone numbers to make calls, send and receive SMS, get mobile Internet and so on. This “so on” includes one very important option – connecting phone numbers to social network profiles, banking apps, games and other apps. 

This feature helps people to make their accounts safe, but there are some troubles: your phone number can be stolen. That’s why people designed virtual phone numbers to receive SMS.

What is a virtual phone number for SMS?

Disposable phone number – exactly the normal number, but without a carrier. It means that this number has no owners. It can be shared between groups of people.

To make you fully understand this topic I will give an example. You can buy a phone number for 1 service to receive 1 SMS from this service. This message will contain OTP for your sign up procedure. Other men will be able to get exactly the same number for other services. That’s why these numbers are cheap.

Why do you need a virtual phone number?

The answer is easy, I have a few reasons to use virtual phone number everywhere exclude bank apps:

  1. Anonymity: nobody will have an opportunity to track your activity by phone number.
  2. Safety: hackers won’t get access to your accounts anywhere if they get access to your phone number
  3. Spam: as we know, big companies sell their databases to marketing companies. If your disposable phone number were to be sold, you won’t receive lots of spam messages and calls.

That’s why you should go to every account and change your phone number to a disposable one.

Where can you buy disposable phone numbers?

If we speak about the country, you can buy phone numbers anywhere in the world. For example, SMS-Man companies have temporary phone number for every app in the world from almost every country in the world. Their countries list counts more than 150 countries, from the USA to Australia.

To buy a virtual phone number you must visit a web-site, TG bot or PC application, sign up, top up the balance with some funds and start buying your way to anonymity.

How to use a virtual phone number?

Usage of a virtual phone number is the same as using a real one. You need just put it in sign up form, get SMS, extract SMS code from website and finally pass sign up procedure with disposable phone number, that’s all

Which applications allow you to use virtual numbers?

Almost every application can be signed up with a virtual phone number. Virtual numbers have no difference with real one. Nobody can truly differentiate between real numbers and virtual numbers.


I prefer to use virtual number for SMS everywhere. All my accounts signed up with virtual phone numbers. It is cheaper, safer, easier and more anonymous than using a real phone number.


Use disposable phone numbers and stay safe!

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