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Where to Buy Game Keys Online

Buy Game Keys Online

A game key is a code that can be redeemed for a digital version of a video game. It’s a way to get games at a much cheaper price than buying them directly from the publisher.

Individual sellers might sell keys that they obtained through giveaways or gifts. However, these types of keys are likely to be revoked by publishers.


The best place to buy game keys online is at authorized retailers like Steam. These stores are guaranteed to get your money directly to the game developers and publishers. This also eliminates the possibility of getting a fraudulent key or one that doesn’t work correctly. However, there are times when you can find a better deal at an unofficial store, such as G2A or Kinguin. However, these stores can be risky if you’re not careful. This is because they don’t have the same buyer protection policies as official retailers.

Vbrae is a website that offers video game keys for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms at low prices. It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to select the product they want and pay for it. Once the payment is processed, they receive an email with a code that they can use to download their game from the platform of their choice. This process is much faster and safer than purchasing a physical copy of the game.

While some players may be hesitant to buy from a grey market site, vbrae has a good reputation and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to save money on their gaming hobby. It is easy to find reviews of the service and see how satisfied customers are. Some have even reported that they’ve gotten refunds for faulty products from vbrae , which isn’t something you can say about all third-party resellers.


G2A is a marketplace where people can sell CD-keys for games. These keys can be used to activate games on platforms like Steam, Origin and Uplay. It attracts sellers from all over the world and completes millions of transactions each year. It has expanded into a global company that offers many different products, including games and subscriptions. The site also provides tools for sellers to make money online.

The games sold on G2A are obtained from a variety of sources, including private individuals who have purchased and never activated the keys or businesses that buy them in bulk for cheaper prices. Those who sell on the platform are known as ‘marketplace sellers’ and are not affiliated with the game publishers. Unlike authorized key distribution services, G2A does not provide a guarantee that the codes will work, and there are complaints online about non-working keys.

In addition to the marketplace, G2A has a number of other features that can help gamers save money. For example, it offers a loyalty program that rewards users with points for buying games. It also has a search bar that helps users find games by name or genre. The site also allows users to compare prices from multiple sellers and purchase the cheapest one.

Although there are rumors that the site is a scam, it is actually legit and is used by many players around the world. Moreover, the site is backed by an international law firm and has an excellent customer service team. It has also taken steps to ensure the safety of customers, including requiring sellers to verify their identities and offer refunds. However, it is important to note that buyers should be wary of any seller that does not have a high rating or has been banned from the website.


The Kinguin marketplace allows gamers to purchase game keys at a much lower price than what they would pay when buying from an authorized reseller. The site has a huge selection of titles, and it offers a variety of payment methods, including credit cards. It also has an excellent customer support team. Creating an account is optional, but it may offer additional benefits such as saved billing information and order history. There are many advantages to using this marketplace, but it is always wise to check the reputation of a seller before making a purchase.

Buyers should be aware that not all games sold on this site are legitimate, and some of them have been stolen or otherwise illegally acquired. Purchasing a fraudulent key and activating it could result in a permanent ban on the gaming system. If this happens, the buyer must report it to the website, and the site will investigate the situation and offer a refund or replacement.

While reselling software is legal in most countries, some developers and publishers take offense to it, particularly when it takes place outside of their official channels. Developers like Polygon, which recently contacted Humble Bundle about selling their codes on Kinguin, believe that the secondary market hurts their profits and creates a false economy.

Kinguin does not sell game copies directly, but it is a popular marketplace for digital product keys and games. The company uses a combination of robust security protocols and a privacy policy to protect users’ credit card details. Its seller rating system provides users with an idea of how trustworthy a specific seller is, and it offers a buyers’ protection program for purchases made through the platform. The buyer’s protection program is not available for all transactions, though, and the site does not verify whether a product key or code works before it is sold.


Fanatical is a legitimate online retailer that sells game keys at discounted prices. It is based in the United Kingdom and has been in business since 2012. You can purchase games from its website with confidence, as all purchases are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. The company also offers lifetime customer support. Customers can contact customer service representatives via email or by phone.

While many websites claim to offer cheap game keys, it’s important to do your research before buying any products from these sites. Some may have a bad reputation and use illegal methods to acquire keys, while others have strict standards and work with the publishers directly.

Another way to buy cheap games is through bundles, which are groupings of multiple products offered at a discount. These bundles include games, software, and even books. They’re great for gamers who are looking to get the most bang for their buck. The best part is that most of these bundles work on Steam, so you’ll be able to use them as soon as you receive them.

Fanatical is one of the safest places to buy PC games. It has official partnerships with more than 1000 publishers, so you can be confident that the games are genuine and legally sold. This includes household names such as Bethesda Softworks and Rockstar Games, as well as smaller outfits like Daedalic Entertainment and Paradox Interactive. All of the games on its site are sourced from these partners, so you can rest assured that they’re not being resold by third parties. It’s also worth checking out its various deals sections, as it often offers discounts and bundles that are not available elsewhere.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a website and storefront that sells game keys for PC games. It works with companies like Steam, Uplay, and Origin to sell game codes that can be redeemed on those platforms. It has a variety of different categories to browse through, including bestselling, new arrivals, and add-ons. In addition, the site offers customer service that is constantly online and accepts a variety of payment methods.

While it may not be as popular as Steam, Green Man Gaming is a highly respected and legitimate video game retailer. It has been around since 2009 and is a great option for gamers who want to buy games for a reasonable price. They also hold a number of sales throughout the year that offer discounts on games.

Unlike other third-party marketplaces, Green Man Gaming lists the source of each game on its store page. This is a great feature that helps gamers decide whether or not they should buy from the company. It also reassures players that the company is not selling unauthorized game keys.

The company also offers customers a VIP area that rewards them with free games and other perks. It is easy to sign up for the VIP area, which gives you access to a wide range of games. This is a great way to try out new games and get the most bang for your buck.

The company has a few minor issues in the past, but overall is a safe and legit place to buy games. It has a reputation among customers and the video game industry as a whole for its trustworthy business practices, and it strives to provide a good customer experience.

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