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Where should I advertise my business?

Are you looking for the best places to advertise online? Do you want to get in the field of view of your audience? Do you plan to tell the maximum number of people about your brand? In order to ensure that a large number of users learn about your company, you need to choose effective platforms for communication with CA.

We have compiled a online advertising platforms list so that you can attract potential customers and convert them into fans of your brand, as well as provide the company with the desired return on investment. So, let’s figure out together which platform is better to choose for advertising your business.

Advertising in Google Ads

Google Ads has the top spot; it has surpassed other rivals to become the most popular online advertisement. With the use of media or search engine advertising, this service enables you to meet your marketing objectives.

You may profit from search advertising by posting your advertisement in Google search results and bidding on keywords. The demand (or competition) and popularity (or search volume) of a word or phrase among companies determine its worth. While using very competitive keywords might result in expensive charges, there is always a list of requests that will work well for promotion and won’t put too much strain on your budget.

Search advertising works on the following principle: advertisements show up on the output page in front of organic results whenever visitors type their queries. To let people know about the paid promotion, ads are tagged and positioned above and below.

Both partner site pages and Google-owned websites, including Gmail and Maps, display display adverts. The advertiser appears on these sites, not in the search results, as a consequence of the auction that took place in the contextual media network.

The benefit of Google AdWords is that it may help you boost site traffic and conversion rates while giving you access to clever technology tailored to your business’s needs. You won’t have to spend much time setting up this advertising instrument if you’re a newbie.

Instagram advertising platform

Instagram is an effective tool for growing a brand’s user base in our list of online advertising channels and platforms. Here you may find partner initiatives, influencer interactions, and real advertising. Reaching a collaboration deal with well-known individuals can enable you to greatly expand your viewership.

Instagram is one of the top platforms for company advertising because of its adaptability. It is possible to start advertising with just one Meta Business Suite platform. We suggest concentrating on photo and video material on Instagram since it should give greater consideration to visuals than Facebook does. Ads in Stories, the Feed, and the “Interesting” section are some of the primary forms that are now accessible. Another option is a ring gallery, which combines several images or movies into a single post.

Advertising on Facebook

Popular social networks are among the greatest locations to promote online since they have perfected their advertising strategies and can draw in a certain type of user.

Facebook Ads provide you unmatched access to both large and specialist markets, and they let you target specific demographics like age and location. Facebook advertisements that are targeted towards your target demographic go beyond just keywords.

Advertisers on Facebook must bid on ad impressions rather than keywords in order to obtain ad space. To improve interaction, you may include images with your Facebook advertisement content. Text with photos and videos connected will draw in more viewers. So for newcomers ads on Facebook are quite complicated so it will be better to ask for help company like SmartyAds.


The variety of locations where Facebook advertising may be seen is another benefit. They might show up in the messenger, sidebar, and news feed. Live broadcasts and tales feature video advertisements.

Advertising on Amazon sites

One of the greatest online venues for advertising is Amazon. With a massive customer base, it is the third most popular advertising platform (after Google and Facebook). For instance, Amazon has over 300 million active user accounts in addition to over 100 million subscribers to its Prime membership.

You can advertise on Amazon regardless of whether you sell goods there.

The following formats are available for Amazon sellers:

  • individual advertising of goods;
  • brand advertising;
  • display advertising;
  • Amazon online store advertising.

If you don’t sell on Amazon, the following ad types will be available to you:

  • video advertising;
  • display advertising;
  • user announcements.

Launch a marketing strategy on Amazon to take advantage of its massive audience and expand advertising options.

Advertising on Bing Ads

Despite having fewer users than Google, Bing Ads functions in the same way. With its third-largest market share, Bing is a search engine. This share can be used by your company to promote its advertising.

The Bing Ads platform offers a big benefit as an online advertising channel. Because its audience spends 36% more on desktop purchases than the average Internet user, Bing Ads have the potential to increase conversions while also increasing their value.

Bing Ads is regarded as one of the greatest online advertising platforms for businesses because it has its own paying audience and maybe fewer competitors for keywords. Ads appear to the side, above, and below the natural search results. The advertiser has the option to generate unique bids for specific searches.

Yahoo and AOL are two other search engines that Bing Ads covers. This increases the spread of advertising offers on the Internet.


Digital advertising is an integral part of commerce in the world. It provides unique opportunities for both buyers and sellers, simplifying the trading process and providing access to a global audience. Unfortunately or fortunately, it will not be possible to single out one ideal channel for the publication of advertisements but you can always ask professionals like SmartyAds, to choose the most appropriate for your goals. 

So the best solution is to choose advertising tools taking into account your goals and the specifics of your niche. Whenever possible use multiple channels to compare returns and identify the best-performing sources. It is even better to conduct experiments and a/b testing within each of the tools, comparing not just advertising sources, but different ways of presenting them.

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