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Where Can I Find The Cheap And Best Vinyl Window Manufacturer?

Royal View Windows and Exteriors Calgary

Royal View Windows and Exteriors Calgary is registered and licensed residential and commercial contractor in Alberta, operating in Canada since 1985, supplying residential and commercial vinyl window systems for new and refurbished projects. It has completed more than 350 homeowner projects and more than 50 corporate projects and has continued to provide a variety of projects to the City of Calgary, the Alberta Government as well as real estate management, construction, and design companies.

RVW Ltd has a solid reputation and excellent references as a leading window company, vinyl window manufacturer and a window replacement company.  Home Stars rating is about 10 out of 10 and BBB’s rating is A +, with references from major customers. In addition, they have been a preferred contractor for Alberta Parks since April of 2016.

Security is one of their top priorities and they have been holding  SECOR since June 15, 2017. Employees are provided with all the necessary training such as Fall Protection, Aerial Work Platforms, First Aid, and WHMIS. All employees follow a professionally developed Safety Program.

What Are The Different Types Of Vinyl Windows?

(1) Casement & Awning Vinyl Windows

Casement windows are hinged on the sides and open outward to the left or right. They are commonly referred to as crank windows because they are opened by the crank mechanism. The awning windows are very similar in style, but the top is hinged. Both can be easily slid to open and close by twisting the easy-to-reach handle.

(2) Egress Vinyl Windows

Evacuation windows are basically emergency exit windows in your home that allow the safe evacuation of residents. To qualify, the window must meet certain minimum security standards. Like commercial buildings, planes, and buses, homes must have emergency exits in the event of a fire. The term comes from the Latin egressus. It means “going out”.

(3) Hung And Slider Vinyl Windows

Installation of monoplane windows is relatively easy, but special attention must be paid to the correct alignment of the frame. Otherwise, the sliding sash will not move smoothly and the gap will not be completely closed. The hinged vinyl windows are also energy efficient and have fewer gaps to allow drafting. This is an important factor in deciding whether to use a single sash window or a double sash window. Double-hung windows increase the chances of airflow to the house and create a cooling effect.

(4) Picture And Fixed Vinyl Windows

Picture windows, also known as fixed windows, provide a wide field of view and plenty of natural light. They are stationary and not open, which improves overall energy efficiency. Use the Picture Window alone or in combination with other window styles to maximize the view and improve ventilation.  Often used for this purpose in high walls, corridors, and stairwells.

5) European Tilt And Turn Vinyl Windows

A European-style vinyl window that works as a combination of tilted and rotated windows with a single lock point does not require internal hardware or multiple lock points. They are designed to swing inward and bend inward by working with a single handle. Tilt & Turn windows are the dominant window style in Europe and are popular among the discerning architects, designers, and homeowners of North America. Unique tilt-and-turn hardware allows each unit to be tilted up for ideal indirect ventilation, or pivoted in for easy cleaning and emergency exits.

Why Entrust Your Vinyl Windows To Royal View Windows And Exteriors?

  • has a solid reputation and excellent credentials as a top windows companies
  • 10 out of 10 rating on Home Stars
  • A+ rating with BBB
  • preferred contractor for Alberta Parks since April of 2016
  • one of the top Calgary window replacement companies and also offer windows and doors maintenance and repairs service
  • happily tailor your request to accommodate the exact requirements you need
  • polite and supportive staff that will ensure that you will find excellent quality replacement windows through detailed assessment and hassle-free installations
  • provide one of the best window warranties in the industry
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