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When To Buy A Managed VPS Malaysia Hosting?

You’ve most definitely been using shared server service for your website up until now. However, after experiencing some limitations, you require a dependable upgrade that will enhance the functionality of your website. 

In terms of services and cost, cheap VPS Hosting Malaysia is an excellent choice. Of course, we recognize that a shared server is a common choice for individuals who are just getting started online.

Yet, once your website is up and running but also receiving a significant amount of traffic, the resources and functionality of shared hosting will no longer be sufficient. 

Luckily, VPS hosting in Malaysia allows you to ramp up quickly and handle growing demands with minimal effort. 

When it comes to VPS hosting, you will be given the choice of choosing between managed and unmanaged systems.

If you have little technical knowledge, we recommend that you go with Managed VPS Hosting Malaysia. It is a far more versatile, secure, and long-term hosting option. 

This post will also assist you to know the significance of getting this solution from a reputable service provider like Serverwala.

What is VPS Malaysia?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the most popular web hosting service, especially for small and medium-sized organizations. 

To function properly, a large physical server gets separated into several small servers using virtualization technology.

Each of these distinct servers can act as a private server, complete with its operating system and other needed resources.

VPS Malaysia is among the most cost-effective web hosting packages. Working with this server is almost similar to working with a more improved feature of a dedicated server but at a lesser cost. 

Although its foundation indeed gets related to shared hosting, there is no external user influence that could compromise the speed of your website. 

You will get provided with an isolated platform with no influence from surrounding websites. 

You will also obtain authority over the server’s resources like storage, bandwidth, and CPU, allowing you to smoothly scale them either up or down as needed.

Types of VPS Hosting in Malaysia

Managed VPS Server Malaysia

Based on the service provider, this type of service can sometimes differ or change. Having said that, it is among the most in-demand services for anyone lacking the technical abilities related to monitoring a web hosting server. 

A managed VPS Hosting Malaysia is an excellent platform to use if you lack the necessary skills to host a website.

The service provider will perform all of the essential activities associated with maintaining and operating a web hosting server. 

This service includes tasks such as updating your software, reviewing the platform for security issues, and boosting some resources. 

For this solution to be successful, you must have the support of a reputable service provider who can assist you and your website in achieving fantastic growth.

Unmanaged VPS Malaysia

In contrast, your service provider will solely be accountable for implementing the server and guaranteeing its uptime in an unmanaged VPS hosting option in Malaysia. 

It emphasizes that you must do all of the heavy work, such as server maintenance, upgrades, and security. This kind of service is appropriate for individuals who have previously maintained a server or have some technical expertise. 

It is extremely important to be fully conscious of your needs ahead of time when looking for the right service. Because when you attach your website to a hosting services plan, the future of the company is entirely dependent on it.

When to buy a managed VPS Malaysia Hosting?

You must first analyze your present demands and business objectives to realize the purpose of a managed VPS hosting service. For example:

When you require a High level of Dependability

Given that every second of downtime is significant in the online world, it can turn off both site visitors and search engine crawlers. 

As a result, when you choose a managed VPS Hosting Malaysia, you will receive a completely configured infrastructure that will provide your clients with flawless uptime and enhanced performance.

When you require Maximum Protection

Given the significant threats and risks of today’s online settings, it is important to find a safe web hosting service. 

Malaysia VPS Hosting ensures that your server infrastructure meets the highest security standards. 

Further, a quality service provider, such as Serverwala, would go above and beyond by including other services such as DDoS protection, spam filtering, and a backup solution.

When you want to concentrate on other Important Aspects of the Business

We understand that as an owner of a business, you must consider a wide range of issues. That is why, with a managed VPS server in Malaysia, you stay free of the responsibility of administering a web server. 

It will allow you to save time and focus on other important elements of your business without having to worry about server maintenance.

Benefits of a Managed VPS Server in Malaysia

Disk Storage

If you have an active website, all of its vital content, including web pages, photographs, and emails, gets saved in memory. This space is often provided by your service provider, as specified in your purchased package. 

That is why you should choose a Managed VPS in Malaysia since your service provider will be responsible for all disc space challenges. 

In most circumstances, a managed service provider will supply a vast quantity of disc storage, although they could easily get asked to expand when the need comes.


Every web hosting package includes a predetermined bandwidth requirement for that specific service. The quantity of data that can get carried between a server and a user’s devices is typically measured as bandwidth. 

Commonly, bandwidth gets regulated and provided in GBps units based on the hosting subscription. With managed VPS Malaysia, you get to have a massive amount of bandwidth. 

As a result, your website will operate smoothly and efficiently. High bandwidth also contributes to an improved user experience and faster page loading times.

Customer Service

Considering the support it provides, cheap VPS hosting in Malaysia is the optimal option. People who lack technical competence in server hosting typically use these solutions. 

The majority of the service providers offer 24-hour help due to the necessity for great client service. As a result, all tasks and duties relating to your web hosting infrastructure get completed with skilled supervision.

Network Uptime

Most service providers advertise to give a high level of uptime, but in most situations, this is not the case. 

A managed VPS server in Malaysia from a reputable service provider like Serverwala provides an uptime of 99.90%, which is the market benchmark for high availability. 

Your website will keep functioning with minimal downtime, and there won’t be any lagging or unexpected breakdowns.


Most people prefer shared hosting servers because of their low cost and ease of usage. Yet, after a while, other important considerations outweigh these advantages, demanding the development of a more technical solution. 

Cheap VPS in Malaysia provides a far more advanced web hosting experience at a fair cost. 

Secondly, any needless costs involved with server management get eliminated since these activities are now performed by specialists from your provider.


We completely realize the importance of picking the correct service provider for your website hosting service, as the reliability of the service provider often determines the future of your company.

This post aims to highlight the significance of a managed VPS Malaysia and how it may improve the performance of your website.

Your service provider will manage all of the essential aspects and responsibilities of the server with great attention and care. 

We recommended that you research the service provided by a leading company, Serverwala. They provide some of the top packages and solutions for managed VPS hosting in Malaysia, understanding the demand for expansion.


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