When the algorithmic-stablecoin project crashed, Terra investors around the world lost billions of dollars

They are not centralized that means they are not governed by one central authority. They are able to be utilized across international and domestic borders without restrictions. This makes them popular in countries where the currency of the state is insecure or not widely recognized, like Ukraine in which the national currency is not widely used.

Unfortunately for Ukrainians this nation is at present engulfed by an ongoing war in the eastern part and west. Therefore, a lot of people and businesses are shifting to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency to conduct business transactions. A large number of users are turning to cryptocurrency exchanges that allow the purchase and sale of bitcoins for exchange in currency of the nation (like that of the US dollars).

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The War is having the following effects on the Cost of Cryptocurrency:

This War Is Heating the Market

There are growing concerns over the possibility of the remainder of Europe being drawn into the conflict , as tensions between the two countries increase. Thus, traders are searching for alternatives to fiat currencies that are traditional such as cryptocurrency. This has led investors to become more concerned about security, which makes cryptocurrencies more attractive.

Sanctions wreak havoc on Russian Assets

In response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine in response to its actions in Ukraine, in response to Ukraine’s actions, the United States and other western nations have imposed a number of of sanctions on the country. The sanctions have affected the economy of Russia, making its currency less appealing for investors because of the sanctions. Many of these investors have shifted to bitcoin in order to escape the negative consequences of the restrictions placed for their business.

The Russian Economy is Stagnant

There is a reason that Russian economy is at a low and it doesn’t appear to ever recover any time very soon. Thus, Russians are seeking methods to protect their assets and the majority of them are turning to cryptocurrencies. The increased interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and an increasing number of people who invest in them has led to the cost of cryptocurrencies to increase.

Russians Search for a Safe Haven in Cryptocurrency

Since sanctions against Russia’s economy continue wreak chaos, many residents of this country are searching for an escape route in cryptocurrency to secure their money. Due to the huge increase in the demand for Bitcoin and its value, the value of Bitcoin has increased dramatically, which has led to an increase of nearly tenfold in value. In addition, Russian business people are making use of cryptocurrency to avoid Western nations’ restrictions on their economic activities.

Ukrainian Government moves to regulate Bitcoin

In the wake of fears of a collapse in the economy as a result of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia In the wake of the ongoing war with Russia, the Ukrainian government has been trying to control Bitcoin to stop it from being used to facilitate the process to facilitate capital flow out of the country. It’s not clear if this will aid in stabilizing the economy, making cryptocurrencies less attractive as a refuge for investors who are escaping the political risks. It could just make cryptocurrencies more difficult to access which makes them difficult to regulate and negating any benefits regulation could have resulted from regulation.

The conflict in Ukraine is affecting the economic situation in Europe

Due to trade restrictions that were in place by both sides as well as trade restrictions imposed by both sides, the conflict that has erupted in Ukraine is having a major impact on the economies of several European nations as well as Russia itself because of the conflict. For instance, Germany has seen its exports decrease significantly due to a decrease in demands from Russia. On the other hand, imports have risen rapidly due to the increase in the demand for foods as a result of the rising inflation rate in Germany.

When the algorithmic-stablecoin project crashed, Terra investors around the world lost billions of dollars, but a new token was distributed as compensation, and they were able to recoup a small portion of their losses. Indian investors aren’t as fortunate. TerraUSD as well as Luna owners who have received the new cryptocurrency called Luna 2.0 — as an “airdrop” are facing two challenges because the tax system in India penalizes cryptocurrency investments. As per tax professionals, these can be taxed for up to 30 percent of the amount of tokens received, and will not be able offset any profits from the new coin against losses from the previous one.

Starting on April 1, 2019, all income earned from the cryptocurrency “transfer” are tax-exempt at 30 percent under the new cryptocurrency tax system. The law doesn’t specify what tax rates should be imposed on airdrops however Jay Sayta, a technology and gaming lawyer, and Manhar Garegrat who is the executive director of policy for crypto exchange CoinDCX explained that the distributions could be considered as income and therefore subject to tax.

“The words in this law is so unclear and ambiguous, such as the definition of a virtual digital asset as well as its definition of transfer that they are subject to challenge or litigation from the department of tax” explained Sayta. “They typically think of the most aggressive perspective that is possible in the hopes of tax collection, despite the fact that this viewpoint could result in absurdity.”

More than 160,000 investors who held Luna at the time of its listing on May 9, and on May 15, the number had increased by 77 percent in India according to Rajagopal Menon, vice president at Binance’s subsidiary WazirX. It’s not clear how many investors owned TerraUSD.

“The growth could be attributed to the increase in buyers after 9th May when the buyer-to seller ratio reached 5:1. According to the volume the on May 11th and May 12th witnessed the most volume in Luna 53 million USDT on both days.” Menon wrote in an email.

Anoush Bhasin, founder of the cryptocurrency tax advisory firm Quagmire Consulting, said that the Luna 2.0 airdrops could be included in the current definition of gifts. Therefore, that a tax of 30% per gift might not be applicable, but gifts are taxed according to the taxpayer’s income which is also known as slab.

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