When should I visit the Pedodontists 

‘Prevention is better than cure’; I know you might have heard this proverb multiple times. It applies here as well. Dental care for the kid’s teeth is as important as that of elders.

Start caring for your child’s teeth just after the milk teeth erupt! Please don’t wait for them to turn 3 or 4 or when they start going to school. You can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you for your child’s dental check-up. In this article, I’ll explain to you the importance and best dental care for kids’ teeth which you should be aware of and must make compulsory. 

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What are all the common dental problems in Kids? 

Here are a few common dental problems in kids which you need to analyze to take care of your teeth; 

Tooth Decay:

Tooth Decay is one of the most common dental issues in children caused due to cavities. The main reason for this is due to a high intake of sugar. Yet, it is also common in adults; children are more prone to tooth decay. 

Tooth decay could be prevented with appropriate brushing and flossing. Parents must make their children brush and floss twice daily to prevent tooth decay. 

Sensitive Teeth: 

Yes, you’ve heard it right. The sensitive tooth is an issue common not only in adults but also in children as well. Teeth sensitivity can occur due to cavities, newly erupted permanent teeth, teeth grinding, acid erosion, orthodontic teeth, and missing teeth. Sensitivity toothpaste, mouthwash, and gel can help you overcome this sensitivity issue of your teeth. 

Dental Emergencies:

Dental Emergencies are one of the concerning issues in children, which refers to a sudden injury to the teeth. It is more common for children to participate in sports activities like athletes, football, cricket, etc. These accidents can cause teeth breaking, chipping, and cracking. To avoid such dental injuries, you can wear mouthguards for the safety of your teeth and overall health. 


When talking about oral health, we should not only consider dental health issues, but we should also take gingivitis or gum diseases into account. 

Even small kids have gum disease problems and suffer from gum conditions like gum bleeding, swollen gums, bruises on the gums, etc. The gum tissues in the mouth are accompanied by pain in the mouth and teeth. 


Orthodontics is another important issue in children that has to be taken appropriate care of. In orthodontics, you might face several issues, like gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, alignment issues, upper and lower bites, and more. You can treat this by taking your child to the best kids’ dentistry near you. You can choose the best braces for your child. 

Thumb Sucking: 

Thumb Sucking is the most reported dental issue in children, which is caused to children between 3-8 years of age. Mostly many parents want their children to address this specific issue. Thumb sucking doesn’t significantly affect your oral health, but it can change how your child’s teeth develop. 

Dental Phobias: 

Many children do have a fear of visiting the dentist, which is also known as dental phobia. It is common for children to fear dentists, but it is the parent’s responsibility to make their child get rid of the fear of dentistry. Therefore it can be treated by taking your child to pediatric dentists, who can help eliminate the dental fear. Dental phobias are found not only in Children but also in some adults. 

Hence these were some of the common dental issues children face in their lifetime.

How to take the best dental care for your kid’s teeth? 

Brush Twice:

Make your child brush their teeth twice a day. Brushing their teeth twice a day will help to prevent the cavities, germs, and bacteria that have ruined your child’s teeth. Inappropriate brushing can lead to plaque build-up on the upper layer of the teeth and can result in tooth decay and tooth loss. Brushing your teeth is the primary step toward dental hygiene, which you take for your teeth.


Apart from brushing, also see that you floss your teeth properly. Because brushing alone won’t help to eradicate the bacteria. You must floss your teeth to remove the overall bacteria from your mouth and clear it from your mouth completely. Flossing can help prevent tooth decay condition of your mouth. 


Fluoride is considered essential as well as beneficial for your teeth, and it also nurtures your teeth in the best way possible. Fluoride helps restore your enamel and other properties necessary for your teeth to function well. You can take fluoride in several possible ways, like in the form of toothpaste, or you can drink fluoridated water, etc.

Dental Visits:

Like all other care, you must also visit your dentist regularly to prevent dental problems in your kid’s dental health. See that you hit the dentist’s office at least twice a year or every six months. Missing your dentist’s appointment can lead to more severe complications and greatly impact your dental health. 

So these are some of the dental care for kids’ teeth that can free your child from dental issues and cavities. 

I hope you find the blog helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries, you can drop them here in the comment section below. See you soon, and stay connected. 

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