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When Medical Professionals Need Asset Protection, They Call Legally Mine

Jay Mitton has been referred to as the “Father of Asset Protection,” having helped thousands of people, including many small business owners, protect themselves and their assets from legal liability. After earning his B.S., MBA, and Juris Doctor degrees, Mitton had a four-decade-long career specializing in asset protection. In addition to his work as an attorney, Mitton was a best-selling author, celebrated public speaker, and the founder of several businesses. His legacy lives on in the wealth of knowledge he left behind, and in the work of those at Legally Mine LLC.

Tracing its roots back to the very first asset protection firm founded by Jay Mitton, Legally Mine was purchased by Dan McNeff in 2007. While Mitton’s original business model focused heavily on educating medical professionals on how to protect their assets, implement money-saving tax strategies, and put an estate plan in place, McNeff brought new life to the company.

Under McNeff’s leadership, Legally Mine expanded its offerings and began providing fulfillment services to its thousands of members. In addition to educating medical professionals on the importance of “covering their assets,” the team of lawyers and paralegals at Legally Mine create personalized asset protection blueprints and required entities that protect clients from frivolous lawsuits.

By working with each state and the IRS, Legally Mine is able to create entities for clients that allow not only for asset protection but also for considerable tax savings. Through a series of tax strategy appointments and estate planning appointments with their team of attorneys, clients are educated on the entire process; they also create their living trusts and learn how they can help to avoid medical lawsuits.

Highly Specialized, Yet Affordable

Compared to the number of personal injury and criminal defense lawyers, lawyers who specialize in asset protection are extremely difficult to find. In order to properly and effectively protect your assets, a lawyer must be versed in the laws of all 50 states. Asset protection is not as glamorous or as exciting as other types of law, and many clients don’t know they need professional asset protection. It is for these reasons that many asset protection attorneys charge a premium for their services.

By specializing in asset protection and maintaining an entire department dedicated to educating medical professionals on why they need asset protection and how it works, Legally Mine is able to offer the highest level of fulfillment at an affordable price. Their team of 50 employees is fully focused on asset protection, tax strategies, and estate planning for medical professionals.

Education is Key

In line with Jay Mitton’s original business plan, Legally Mine spends considerable time and resources on the education of its clients. Every staff member is fully transparent with their clients about how all protections will be achieved and managed. Even before clients sign on, Legally Mine’s Speakers and Sales Team travel to events and educational seminars to teach medical professionals about asset protection and answer any questions that attendees at the event might have.

Medical professionals are well aware that their profession is one of the most highly litigated in the country, but they’re not always sure what (if anything) they can do about it. By making education a key component of the Legally Mine business plan, their team empowers medical professionals to understand the necessity of services and how Legally Mine executes its protection strategies.


What does Legally Mine do?  

Legally Mine primarily educates professionals on how to protect their assets and property from being taken in a lawsuit, and then how to put that knowledge into practice. Legally Mine then uses its asset protection techniques to implement several tax-saving strategies, backed up with a guarantee that the tax savings will be greater than the cost of asset protection.

Where can Legally Mine operate?  

Legally Mine helps clients in all 50 states and continuously stays up-to-date on laws in all 50 states. They work with clients who live and work in any part of the United States.

Who needs the services of Legally Mine?  

Most businesses experience a lawsuit at some point in their lifespan. Regarding medical professionals specifically, 51% of physicians will be named in a lawsuit at least once during their career. For those practicing surgical specialties that number is closer to 80%. Without a doubt, business owners and medical/dental professionals are most in need of the services that Legally Mine provides.

How does Legally Mine coordinate all plans with client accountants/CPAs and/or other financial advisors/attorneys for a seamless execution?  

Through free consultations with client accountants, CPAs, attorneys, and other financial advisors, Legally Mine communicates all plans directly with your existing team of professionals. Fully involving all pertinent advisors in the asset protection and tax reduction process is the best way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and ready to provide support.

Why would I choose Legally Mine vs. another company or firm for my asset protection needs?  

Legally Mine is one of the most cost-effective asset protection companies in the United States. Unlike other firms operating in the same space, Legally Mine offers many options and can work within any budget.

About Legally Mine LLC

Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Legally Mine was founded more than 15 years ago by Dan McNeff, who learned the ins and outs of asset protection from Jay Mitton himself. Within the medical and dental world, Legally Mine has been one of the Nation’s leading providers of asset protection education as long as it has been in business.

The Legally Mine team has worked with over 15,000 members since Dan McNeff purchased the company in 2007. With an industry-leading team of attorneys and paralegals who specialize exclusively in asset protection, tax savings, medical license defense, and estate planning, Legally Mine helps medical professionals throughout the United States keep what they’ve earned for themselves and their families. What started out with educating doctors on how to prevent lawsuits, has grown into a full-service fulfillment company for members that want to rest assured that they are as protected as possible. Legally Mine prides itself on offering its services at an affordable price and a manageable time investment.

At the heart of what Legally Mine does is structuring business and personal assets in a way that eliminates any motivation for someone to file a frivolous lawsuit against them. Individualized asset protection plans are designed and proper entity structures are created to protect members and their assets. Once these asset protection structures are put into place, new tax savings strategies become available to members; Legally Mine works with clients and their CPAs to ensure that all tax savings are captured and applied.

In addition to these immediately beneficial strategies, Legally Mine also works with members on their estate planning. Members’ assets are then protected not only while they are alive, but also after they pass away. The living trust is used as a tool to allow members to pass as much on to their heirs as possible while avoiding probate. 

With this exhaustive approach to asset protection and estate planning, Legally Mine has become the trusted advisor to thousands of medical and dental professionals. Through their educational arm, they have provided invaluable information to hundreds of thousands of individuals since their founding.

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