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When is The Best Time of Year to Visit Cabo?

The ideal timing to go to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is contingent upon your preference for weather, activities, and levels of crowd. The most well-known season to travel to Cabo San Lucas happens during the dry season, which lasts from November until April. The weather during this time generally is warm and sunny, with temperatures that range from 68 degF (20degC) and up to 85degF (29degC).

The busiest season for tourists of Cabo San Lucas runs between December and March, which coincides with the winter break and holidays throughout North America. In this period, you will see more expensive accommodations, more crowded beaches, and a pulsating environment. If you’re comfortable with crowds and want the most pleasant weather, it’s a good time to go.

The shoulder season that runs from April to June could be a good opportunity to go to Cabo San Lucas. The temperatures remain pleasant and warm; however, the crowds begin to decrease, and prices for accommodations are usually less expensive. It is a great time to go to a beach as well as other attractions and activities without the crowds of peak season. It’s also the perfect time to go fishing for sport since numerous fishing tournaments happen in these months.

It is the low season, which lasts from July to October, is the time of rainy seasons and storm season that is common in this region. Even though there’s a higher probability of rain and storms, you still get to have pleasant weather, and crowds are less. The costs for lodging and activities are typically lower in this period which makes it a more economical alternative.

Best Time to Avoid Crowds:

The best time to avoid crowds is during the wet season of July and August. In August and September, you will experience the highest amount of rainy days and the slightest possibility of hurricanes. However, with an average of just an 18% chance for rain, plenty of sunshine days can be enjoyed. The beaches will be almost empty, bars and restaurants will be less crowded, and hotels are likely to offer discounts. May and June are great months to unwind and enjoy the good weather in Cabo. These months have fewer tourists compared to the Spring Break period and are right before the rainy season begins. However, if you’re looking for a more peaceful time to visit, September and August are the best months as May and June can still be quite busy with family travellers. Avoid visiting in March or April when it is the peak of the Spring Break season or during the winter months from December to February, which is the most popular time for snowbirds and holidays.

Best Time to Snorkel or Diving:

The most ideal time to snorkel and dive starts in early October and continues through the beginning of November. The water is the warmest from late July until the beginning of November. Visibility is the highest from early October to the end of November. Waves tend to be smaller from September to November. October and November are among the best months to be whale sharks, which start to arrive in Cabo as winter draws near. Divers and snorkelling at Cabo is a great season in the event that cooler temperatures aren’t an obstacle. Flying mantas rays are in the area throughout May. The months of December to March are great for spotting whales, guitarfish and Octopuses. The colourful reef fish and sea turtles are present all year long.

The Best Time to See Whales and Sharks:

The ideal time to observe whale sharks and whales is in the early part of January until March. Whale Shark season is from October to March. The majority of whale shark tour operators operate out of La Paz, around a two-hour drive from Los Cabos, so visitors must provide their own transportation to La Paz. Whale Shark tours offer freediving and snorkelling opportunities for visitors to be close to the massive fish. However, scuba tanks aren’t permitted. Humpback whale season is from mid-November until April, with the majority of babies born between the end of December and January. The newborns begin to become more active in February. Grey whales have the longest season in Cabo, beginning in January until the end of March. They’re not as abundant as Humpbacks; however, they are not unheard of. Book early morning tours to experience fewer waves and a lower risk of getting seasick. In the afternoon, whales are at their most active. However, the boat ride can be rougher later in the day.

Best Time for Sportfishing:

The sportfishing season is fantastic throughout the year, offering the possibility of catching something. It is important to note that different species of fish are attracted by different times of the day. The months of September through January are the most ideal for all marlin species. Tuna is the most popular during the months of June through January, and yellowtail bites are common from January to April. Snapper and grouper are the most abundant from May to September. Numerous major tournaments that offer massive cash prizes are held here, with the most notable being Bisbee’s Black and Blue. The most popular tournaments occur in the months of October and early November. There are also a few smaller competitions during the summertime.

Best Time to Surf:

The ideal time to surf at Los Cabos is June to August. Due to Southern Hemisphere swells, waves are generally consistent on beaches, both on those on the Sea of Cortez and Pacific sides. Surfing is good for Los Cabos’ Sea of Cortez beaches, such as Old Man’s, Zippers, and The Rock, which can be located anytime between April and October. On Pacific beaches, like Todos Santos and Cerritos. The best surfing is in the winter months, from December to February. Fantastic winter surf in this area; however, the water can be quite cold.

The Best Time to Get Good Deals:

The ideal period to search for travel deals in Cabo is during the months of May to September. The most affordable rates are found in the months of May, August and September. May to mid-July are the most pleasant months for the weather during summer but not as hot as the summer months of late summer and right before rain arrives. August and September give you the best deals, including the most luxurious resorts. However, there could be some rain and the chance of a storm.


Cabo is a popular tourist destination in Mexico, but the best time to visit depends on what activities you plan to do and your tolerance for crowds and weather. The peak season is from December to April with sunny weather and a busy atmosphere. However, prices are higher, and crowds are more significant. The shoulder season from May to June and September to November offers a more relaxed atmosphere, lower prices, and fewer crowds. The offseason from July to August may have hot and humid weather, but it’s a great time for surfing and fishing. If you want to learn more about Cabo, check out Travel World. This popular blog offers valuable insights into the best tourist destinations.

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