When Engagement Equals Earnings: Interview with CEO of Taunt Battleworld

GameFi, the most revolutionary blockchain development up to date, strives to incorporate gaming activity into the incessantly expanding framework of crypto – the next-generation digital instrument that stores real-life benefits. The soaring value of this niche owes, primarily, to the possibility of monetizing the playing process: with a growth rate of 2,000% in a year and amounting to 52% of all blockchain activity,  GameFi’s primary focus is on taking Play-to-Earn (or P2E, shortly) opportunities mainstream. This already brought it a booming success across Southeast Asia and resulted in an expansion rate of 10 times that of traditional gaming. But the potential of GameFi does not end with that: Engage-to-Earn, the novel value-generating mechanism, debuts as the no-effort model of engagement in the crypto world, wherein simple participation brings in the additional revenue streams.  To demonstrate that in practice, Taunt Battleworld launched its own NFT simulation game where earning becomes as easy as a piece of cake.

 With 25,000 of the best warrior characters, Taunt Battleworld invites everyone to the apocalyptic world in which Earth was turned into a Battleworld of the old Gods. Brought by industry experts previously working at Amazon, EA Games, and THQ, Taunt Battleworld shows a strong inclination towards GameFi and disrupts the gaming space with the first in the world “Engage-to-Earn” model. Comprising traditional Play-to-Earn, Taunt Battleworld also adds Watch-to-Earn and Predict-to-Earn mechanisms within its own Metaverse, thus becoming its own kind of UFC: by simply watching the community events or competing with other players in prediction games, users will earn the rewards that may later be utilized in the gaming process. Built on Ethereum-based Genesis Skull Pass, Taunt Battleworld will also integrate the elements of the Polygon (Matic) network and Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) for greater blockchain functionality; the game itself runs on Unity, the system allowing cutting-edge multi-device functionality. As the major proponent of the Engage-to-Earn model in Metaverse, Taunt Battleworld becomes the forerunner of GameFi’s next generation, wherein engagement and value creation go hand-in-hand.

First question: what inspired you to reinvent gaming, and how Taunt Battleworld in particular is going to revolutionize the industry?

We were inspired to reinvent gaming by the desire to create a new and innovative platform that leverages the potential of blockchain technology and NFTs. With Taunt Battleworld, we aim to revolutionize the industry by introducing unique features like “Engage-to-Earn” interactive viewership technology, which allows players to earn rewards as they progress through gameplay. Additionally, the inclusion of athletes, celebrities, and popular IPs as playable characters will be a unique selling point for the game.

Talking about the advantages of GameFi, what makes it a stronger bet compared to traditional gaming? 

One key advantage of GameFi is that it allows users to earn cryptocurrency simply by playing games they enjoy, rather than requiring them to buy or mine it. This can make it more accessible for users who may not have the resources or technical expertise to participate in traditional mining or trading activities. In addition, traditional gamers can receive value for their time and in-game assets making GameFi a potentially strong bet for those interested in the intersection of gaming and finance.

Can you tell us about Taunt Battleworld and the upcoming Black Magic Collection? 

Taunt Battleworld is a digital collectible competitive fighting game for the metaverse. Our next NFT collection, the Black Magic Collection, will be launching exclusively on Magic Eden on January 14, 2023. These NFTs are ideal for gamers and enthusiasts interested in the fighting game genre, featuring player-owned assets and various live tournaments. In addition, all fighters will also come with a decentralized artificial intelligence Brain from the Altered State Machine.

What sets Taunt Battleworld apart from other games in the genre? 

Taunt Battleworld operates on an engage-to-earn model, allowing players to earn money by competing in skill-based events with their own NFT fighters. Additionally, Taunt Battleworld is built on a world-class game production and development infrastructure, resulting in higher levels of audience and player engagement. Our game also includes various ways for players to engage and earn, such as by watching matches.

Can you tell us more about the ASM Brains and how they add to the gaming experience? 

The ASM Brains, or decentralized artificial intelligence brains, are AI NFTs that will power future utility in the Taunt Battleworld game. They will allow for advanced features such as training, personality, and breeding for the NFT fighters. This adds a new level of depth to the gameplay and allows players to have even more control over their fighters.

Who is the target audience for the Black Magic Collection?

The Black Magic Collection targets both gamers and enthusiasts interested in the fighting game genre as well as native crypto fans looking to actively support nascent, advanced, and innovative projects.

Can you give us some examples of the fighters included in the Black Magic Collection?

The Black Magic Collection will include combat sports athletes such as Andy Ruiz Jr, Cris Cyborg, and undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Additionally, it will also include characters from NFT communities like Super Yeti, Mad Rabbits Riot Club, and Decentral Games Ice Poker.

Can you tell us about the $TAUNT token and how it will be used in the Taunt Battleworld ecosystem?

The $TAUNT token is Taunt Battleworld’s native in-game utility token, which will be used to power the game’s ecosystem. This token will be used to access in-game features, and pay for season passes and other in-game items.

How can people participate in the launch of the Black Magic Collection and the $TAUNT token? 

Players can join the whitelist for the Black Magic Collection for free and mint on the release date, January 14, 2023. They can also vote for Taunt Battleworld to be listed on the decentralized launchpad DAOmaker from January 11th through January 18th, and earn a free airdrop of $TAUNT.

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