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Wheat Malt Market Import and Export Statistics with Historical Market Size Value, Pricing Analysis-2028

Wheat malt is the second most malty cereal and is obtained from the partial germination of wheat. The main use of wheat malt is in the production of beer. Wheat malt is occasionally used in whiskey making. Wheat malt is used in baked goods because malted wheat has a great smell and taste and also has a nice chewy texture. Dark wheat malt is produced by the Germans and is used in the production of dunkelweizen and Weizenbock. Traditionally, wheat beer, i.e. Bavarian wheat beer, consists of around 60-70% wheat malt, while the remaining 40-30% consists of barley malt. 

Wheat malt requirement in the beverage and brewing industry 

Wheat malt demand could rise as beverage consumption increases globally. The regional and international market plays an important role in increasing the demand and availability of wheat malt products around the world. 

Consumers are increasingly aware of the effects of malnutrition, which has led to an investigation into the production of unconventional and healthy malted wheat drinks that can serve as alternatives to soft drinks and traditional alcoholic beverages. Wheat malt also has a higher protein content compared to barley malt, which improves some properties of beer, such as increasing the foam quality of beer. The increase in disposable income made it possible to use healthy wheat malt products. 

Shortage of barley grains is also an important factor that can further lead to an increase in the price of barley. Barley stocks are expected to decrease in the year 2018/19 and therefore industries will try to use wheat malt. This can accelerate the use of wheat malt to meet the demand for beverages and other products such as bread and preserve the economic balance of industries. 

Global Wheat Malt Market: Key Developments 

Increasing production capacity is the goal of many beverage industries. Industries too are eagerly awaiting crops grown according to the rigorous sustainability charter. Companies are looking to augment and enhance beverage flavors to provide customers with a wide variety of varieties. 

Opportunities for Wheat Malt Market Participants: 

Wheat malt of different types can be developed using different types of wheat. Wheat malts can help broaden the range of flavors in the beverage and bakery industries. Industries focus on using sustainable wheat crops for wheat malt production. This will help increase market demand as consumers focus on healthy and environmentally friendly products. 

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