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What’s Up, Doc? Rewards Bunny Is Hopping!

Rewards Bunny, the first crypto-native site to offer rewards for doing everyday activities, has thrived through the so-called Crypto Winter, in large part by ignoring the chatters here. The platform offers its users rewards in US dollars or the crypto of their choice when they make purchases through third-party e-commerce sites like, eBay, and AliExpress. And according to co-founder and CEO Jacky Goh, it continues to add value and utility. Goh says that the company has grown by bringing crypto to the masses and thinking long-term, even as thousands of get-rich-quick crypto projects disappear.


In August, for example, the Singapore-based platform released its first NFT in partnership with Galxe, one of the leading Web3 credential data networks. The Rewards Bunny Adopter Badge featured original cartoon artwork and linked to future rewards. What distinguished the NFT, however, was that it did not require a spend. Each was made available to anyone, provided that they registered on the company’s website.


“We wanted to make clear that we are here to democratize crypto and blockchain, not to make a quick million bucks,” Goh says. “So far, we’ve been gratified with the response to the NFT.”


Another milestone was the company’s recently announced partnership with Cayman-based crypto giant Binance. Binance has grown to become the largest crypto exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume since its founding five years ago. Goh says that the partnership will exponentially expand awareness and use of the Rewards Bunny platform.


“Like Rewards Bunny, Binance is a next-generation gateway to value,” Goh says. “Binance offers unparalleled access to trading while we offer innovative crypto rewards and payments. By teaming up with their first-in-class trading platform, we are able to offer our unique value proposition to millions of crypto enthusiasts and others who are just becoming curious.”


“Value is a very important part of our brand,” he says, “but we were also able to ensure that all of the transactions were performed within the Rewards Bunny platform. I think it was a win/win/win scenario — for us, for Binance, and for the entire crypto ecosystem.”


Goh is already eyeing more collaborations in which his platform’s cryptocurrency rewards can be stored, either in the user’s crypto wallet or traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. “With recent adoption announcements from Bank of New York and Visa International, we are witnessing more than a thaw of Crypto Winter and maybe a Renaissance,” he observes. “But we have to continue offering both value and convenience to keep up the momentum.”

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