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What’s the Big Deal About Cloud Solutions?

Cloud solutions are becoming more and more popular amongst companies. While cloud computing is certainly not a brand new concept, the adoption of cloud solutions may seem to be growing substantially at times, especially when you factor in cloud computing’s biggest competitors – desktop virtualization and managed services.

When cloud solutions are mentioned by an IT company, typically there are cloud services, cloud platforms and cloud infrastructure that are being discussed. There are aspects of cloud solutions that make them incredibly valuable to businesses as well as some concerns that companies need to be aware of so they can select the cloud solution that works best for them.

One aspect of cloud solutions is computing power and flexibility . Businesses need to ensure that IT infrastructure is capable of supporting the company’s needs. Cloud solutions make businesses more flexible with cloud services and cloud platforms because cloud computing enables companies to pay per use, allowing for exponential flexibility as a business’ demands change over time.

A second aspect of cloud solutions is reduced costs. One major drawback of traditional on-site server technology is the cost, not only to acquire but also to maintain. The cloud provides a much more flexible and affordable option.

A cloud solution is only as good as the cloud service or cloud platform it’s based on, so make sure you can trust your cloud provider. Cloud providers are expected to always have their client’ best interests in mind, hence cloud computing’s rapid growth in a cloud service market valued at $191.82 billion in 2016. Another aspect of cloud providers to consider is cloud diversity, which refers to cloud services and cloud platforms. There are some cloud providers who support a limited number of cloud services and cloud platforms, while others offer a wide range of options that can be difficult to sort through. It is important to know that cloud diversity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is something you should consider when deciding on a cloud solution for your business.

Cloud computing can be extremely beneficial to businesses of all sizes and industries, but the key aspect of cloud computing providers is trust. If you’re considering cloud solutions, it’s important you know what cloud services and cloud platforms are available, as well as how the cloud service market is expected to grow. The cloud computing industry is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 30% through 2021, which means we should expect cloud solutions to become even more prevalent in businesses and homes alike.

As you can see cloud solutions are one of the biggest things in IT right now, it’s important that if you are to discuss cloud solutions with your business that you consider cloud diversity, cloud service market growth, and cloud solution providers.

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