What’s The Best Tech Stack For An Agency?

Running an agency presents its fair share of challenges. With a plethora of technology solutions available, it can be daunting to determine which tools are the best fit for your business. To shed light on this topic, we asked Lewis Schenk, the founder of Boost Media Agency.

 In 3 years, Lewis has successfully built and grown Boost Media Agency to a team of 17. “Without our tech stack, the business wouldn’t function. And I’m sure that reigns true for the majority of companies”, says Lewis. Join us as we delve into his insights on the ideal tech stack that drives Boost Media Agency’s success, and that can drive yours forward as well. 

Slack (Team Communication):

“Slack is an essential tool for seamless team communication at Boost Media Agency. Whether it’s between the team, with clients, or contractors, it makes automating and streamlining communications effortless” Lewis says.. It offers channels, direct messaging, and file sharing, enabling efficient collaboration. By fostering open lines of communication, Slack empowers the team to exchange ideas, stay organized, and make informed decisions. (Project Management): is a versatile tool simplifies task creation, assignment, and tracking, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout projects. With customizable boards, timelines, and progress tracking, helps the team stay organized, meet deadlines, and maintain a clear overview of ongoing tasks.

Instantly (Cold Email Sending):

This powerful tool automates the process of sending personalized and targeted emails at scale. With email templates, automated follow-ups, and tracking analytics, Instantly optimizes cold email campaigns, enhancing the agency’s ability to connect with potential clients effectively.

ActiveCampaign (CRM):

ActiveCampaign is robust tool enables efficient management and nurturing of client relationships. With features such as lead scoring, segmentation, and marketing automation, ActiveCampaign empowers the agency to deliver personalized marketing experiences, track customer interactions, and automate email campaigns.

Calendly (Scheduling):

Streamlining the scheduling process is made possible with Calendly. B Calendly’s intuitive interface allows clients and team members to select mutually convenient time slots effortlessly. This automation enhances efficiency, reduces scheduling conflicts, and improves overall communication and client experience.

Zoom (Meetings):

For virtual meetings and video conferencing, Zoom has become a staple tool for businesses across the world. It offers a reliable and user-friendly interface for client meetings, team catch-ups, and collaborative sessions. With features like screen sharing, chat, and breakout rooms, Zoom facilitates seamless communication and collaboration, transcending geographical barriers.

Walaaxy (LinkedIn Outreach):

To automate part of our outbound process, Boost Media Agency leverages Walaaxy. This platform enables any agency to automate personalized connection requests and messages on LinkedIn. “With advanced targeting and automation capabilities, Walaaxy allows us to expand its professional network, build relationships, and generate leads more efficiently on the LinkedIn platform” Lewis says. 

In conclusion, having a powerful tech stack is imperative to enhancing any  agency’s operations and productivity. By leveraging tools such as Slack,, Instantly, ActiveCampaign, Calendly, Zoom, and Walaaxy, you’ll increase productivity, save costs, and deliver exceptional results to your clients.

 If you want to reach more of your target audience by getting booked on podcasts, and featured in the media on a regular basis, reach out to Boost Media Agency here today,  or connect with Lewis on social media. 

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